Capcom is interested in your opinion about the remake of Resident Evil 4 and offers wallpaper for the passage of the questionnaire

Four months after the remake of the remake, the Resident Evil 4 in March of this year was launched by Capcom by a questionnaire among gamers who bought the game to find out their opinion on this subject.

The questionnaire available at this address will be opened until August 31 and is specially intended for gamers who purchased and/or played in the Resident Evil 4 REMAMAKE. If you find yourself in this category, you can inform CAPCOM, what version of the game you bought when you bought it, whether you completed the campaign, how much you liked the plot, characters, graphics, control system, sound, horror elements, complexity balance and other aspects games, and whether you played any other resident Evil in the past. At the end of the survey, which will take you no more than a quarter of an hour, as gratitude you will get wallpaper with the key art Resident Evil 4 Remake in high resolution.

Remake at altitude is clear)

Remakes of rubber is always on top

Especially the remake of the third part, yeah

For me a 3 -part remake is better than 7 and especially Villed. I would say-5-6 and a period of 1-2 is better than Villed.

As for Hayit Remeyk 3 – Blaps and in 2 remake there are a lot relative to the original, and if you take them outside the originals, then ZBS. Only remake 1 and partly 4 respect the originals.

What kind of blunders are we talking? From the game they cut out at least 30% of locations without giving them anything to replace, thereby reducing the game to the level of supplement, and than a full -fledged game. She is not bad as a game, but disgusting just like a remake

The seven at least communication with the series has only a name, but as a game it is excellent. I don’t want to say anything about the village

And in remake 2, the scenarii system has been completely, which actually actually highlighted it against the background of the rest of the series. Got rid of the main chip simply. Does the remake of 2 shitty game?

"She is not bad as a game, but disgusting just like a remake". You just repeated that I said earlier. Like a remake 2 and 3 very controversial, and I spit from 2 remake even to the remake of 3, so the remake 3 already perceived easier. And as a remake, only perfectly 1 part and partly 4 part were a success.

Let’s say in the separation of remakes 2-3 good games.

But the Villed is a feces, and the weakest license plate, and in comparison with it, a remake 3 is simply chic. Even against the background of the disputed 7 part, which is not bad and maximum average.

Here’s what I like, Capcom always holds their hand on the pulse. They are interested in the opinion of their audience. Other publishers often simply trust the opinion of marketers, in the style – which is better sold, which will be cheaper, and t.D. But Capcom came to this, after bad ratings RE6.

And nothing that just the 4th part is the very starting point, which buried the series A ? It is from 4ki that the game turns into a purest action without survey. And the 6th part is just the quintessence of the action, what sets in the development of the series just 4ka. You didn’t like what you did ?

Hospada, a rare type of sensible person against Re4

Otherwise it is already sick of these Newfags calling the four the best game in the series only because they started with it. Especially when the game is called Survillev Horror and put in the tops of the best zombie games, this generally causes an uncontrolled burning lower back, because there is neither a horror nor a zombie.

Rare view? Yes. Sane? No.
This is a taste and if you have a burning sensation, then this is only your problem. But alas, not Newfags considered 4 rubber to the best. Or do you think that those people who played in the first parts were paid for the previous ones and allowed the development to the developers right up to the four – they died at its exit? Just the same, the old men for the most part loved this part for its atmosphere, gameplay and maybe even someone for the plot. And there is one very good argument for this, which should convince you otherwise, I immediately understand that you played only in the restart: 4 parts had little Newfags, at least another ten years after its release, simply because, to put it mildly, did not allow me on a PC, not yet grown up to play it without problems and torment. And if you think that the horror is exclusively when a huge man runs after you in a cloak and without panties as in the second and third part (most likely without panties, do not argue), then I think you have children’s injuries, not otherwise. By the way, the titanium and in general other monsters are also not a zombie, yes? The game was originally original in the variety of zombie monsters, with its chip in general, and it seems to me that this is one of the things that made it unique and popular at one time.
Do you want a horror, go to the regenerators, sewage, at least in a remake. Better yet, play in the original without patches, people like you scared her also with your management.

Yeah, the same Capcom who wanted to turn the Re7 into a game-service and only the developers saved the situation

Boy, I have been familiar with the series since 98, that is, from the year the sequel is released, let’s not drive me on my ears.

You piled so much water and nonsense that you most likely are the same Newfag that you learned about the series from the fourth part, and the opinion of such patients can be safely multiplied by 0

I perfectly remember the student times when the disc with RE4 was taken for a passport and 50 rubles, and then he walked on all classmates and cut into blanks, and 2 people out of 10 people who took the game with the original trilogy, so their own, so that his own "there were few Newfags 10 years old" you can put you yourself know where. Already even more so what is it "Horror" Do not tell me. have not grown yet

He began to play the original, but because of the crooked control he abandoned. The remake was in one breath, a very good game turned out.

you just played the very first version of the port where the mouse was not at all?)
I recared 8 times a HD publication and then with a HD-Project mod 4 times
By the way, the first port I also played 4 times like

I didn’t even start that at all)))
I’m talking about the latter, a premium version

I want to see the scene again where Leon and hell will be together so I beg from Capcom to be combined

4 months have passed since the game’s release, and instead of mods for original costumes for Ashley and Ades and laser sights for all guns, we have only mods for porn

Baba in real life began to be too expensive, and here they began to implement all this.

Somehow bad you were looking for mods.On the nexus for a long time it already exists

Lasers for all pistols

Original dress for hell

Ashley special costume

Well xs, there are no many mods for gameplay, only so that items are fading 999 and something additional (for example, auto-pairing, endless armor, reduction in fraction of fraction)

The remake is chic like the original, but after the remake, I do not return to the original

Great remake. Without stupid things, without a summons. This game really feels like a horror, but the original is not.

Xs for me she was not felt like a horror

Well, here’s a matter of taste.

My opinion, do the first part and ziro together and in 3D like 2.3.4 remakes.

Remake of the year. Amazing, really Village feels like regression. So many little things at 4 who made the game.

here 2K and 1080. Strange, but for some reason they do not have versions under 4k.

Funny moment.
After the Callisto protocol was released, I watched the passage, like nothing like that, someone hinted, they say "All stolen from the dead spaces". And I’m not in the tooth in the horror. Went to watch a dead gap. Wow, I think, okay. Flew into the first, crap. He returned, questioned. Went to play the second, high. I started the third, divided after a couple of hours.
Then in the history of the series he heard that the dead gap was inspired by the rubber. Lada.
It’s time to get to know the rubber. Part 7 Watch it was interesting, play no, 8 is the same.
Lada, I will return to the older new. R2 remake. Super came in, both scripts went away at once. R3 remake several conventional mechanics cheated the whole buzz, but at a time.
I watched the original RE4 at Kuplinov, became interested, but because of the management he did not play. In 2005, the character cannot go to the side, while the villagers are almost Break Dance Danes. Noble pink. I waited for a remake, in the wake of a universal hype, Iia fluttered not long before Salazar. Such a tedomotine tedious in combat with a large amount of action. Even shorter is not mine. R2 remake is the only thing that flew into the playlist "pass periodically".
Although, according to the stories of the series, I looked like a Veronica code close to the second part, MB if/when there is a remake, I will cut off. As a result of R2, remake and the first two dead gaps, I liked it straight, but the rubberings through the chur are ecchonovy, well, this.

Well, it’s clear. RE2 – He and the original is such a tactical with a small number of cartridges and the search for keys, where you lay the route along the police station. Re4 was originally a shooter where you rush forward without a second thought with a bunch of cartridges and the remake was born the same. There is nothing unusual here.

By the way, I somehow looked for these wallpapers in quality, but either Leon does not have a face, or they were so -so. Finally appeared)

The wallpaper should be with Ada, and not those in the news 🙂

Great wallpapers, for some reason, UK was not removed from the regions

My computer, although I pulled remakes 2 and 3.

But 4 for some reason does not pull.

The remake is excellent, but I would prefer a new excellent part

It would not be bad, the main thing is more like a remake 4 than 7 or 8 part.

At the end of the survey, which will take you no more than a quarter of an hour, as gratitude you will get wallpaper with the key art Resident Evil 4 Remake in high resolution.