The former employee spoke about the problems of Star Citizen: CIG is more concerned about the office of the office than the hiring of workers

Former CIG employee under the nickname Ryden-55, shared his thoughts about the development progress of Star Citizen and Squadron 42. According to the former employee, despite the fact that the team created amazing systems that work for the future of the games, it has not yet sewed them in her own game.

According to Ryden-55, and Star Citizen and Squadron 42 suffer from mismanagement. Former CIG employee believes that the company has incorrectly calculated the development path and expenses of players until 2023 and further.

The future of Star Citizen is also in a very strange state. According to Ryden-55, those who buy goods offered CIG currently, in fact, contribute to the delay in the game.

Cutlass Steel cited as an example of Ryden-55.

I was present when setting the price for Cutlass Steel. I offered a ceiling of prices for a ship, based on its capabilities compared to other Cutlass ships and competitors (Cutlass Black, as you know, is underestimated, but still. ). Despite my recommendation, the price was raised because "Of course, people will buy it, this is Cutlass". This is a great example of what happens when people vote with their wallet – this makes them understand that it was a bad solution and that they should learn this in the future. I think this is the key to the further development of the entire project. I think that the team will be able to make key improvements to the gameplay, which will encourage players to play and return, and not try to poke concepts to people who may never fly to them.

A former employee believes that CIG should focus on the release of Squadron 42 and (at least) high -quality playable patches for Star Citizen. And it is difficult to disagree with this. For the first time about Squadron 42 we heard almost 10 years ago. In addition, in 2020, this single -user regime SC was not even close to completion.

Today we have nothing but glow patches for SC in a living branch. Despite the fact that the game is in early access, a living branch should be a highlighted branch for stable (completely stable) assemblies, where you can play with friends and enjoy the current gameplay without thinking about the loss of equipment/ship/objects. In the same way with SQ42 – the project has been in development for many years, and people begin to think that it will not work. I saw progress, I know that it will be great, but now this is not enough, and this needs to be demonstrated, as well as set a firm deadline for everyone to be sure of its implementation (not at the expense of the developers).

According to the author, Cloud Imperium Games has incorrectly calculated the expenses of players and the development path for 2023.

They invested too much funds in the just built Manchester office. They are more worried about wall art than investments in additional staff. I personally saw the freezing of a set of staff, spending a lot of money on making an office similar to a work of cosmic art. As soon as I found out that I was fired, I looked at everything differently. Some scenery cost my whole salary or salary of several employees at once. For the money that they spent on office furniture (furniture, not equipment), they could equip two offices with equipment. TWO.

What is important, Reddit moderators were able to confirm the personality of Ryden-55. So no, this is not a random user. This is really a former CIG employee.

Honestly, few will be surprised from these statements. We already know that Star Citizen is inefficiently controlled and is in the development hell. We also know that it uses advanced technologies. And yes, we all know that Cig is doing this golden cow with his skins and ships. But, as Ryden-55 said, why not? There are people who buy them, and the company makes easy money on this. From a business point of view, this is a smart move, and, unfortunately, in this case it works.