The alleged Suicide Squad leakage: Kill the Justice League admitted that he invented part of the plot

While Insomniac leakage overshadowed almost everything this week, in another game about superheroes, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, there was a large plot leakage, which is why many DC and Arkhamvese fans began to crush about the game.

Now, after these leaks, the culprit allegedly appeared and stated that he not only regrets what he had told about them, but also that he had incorrectly described or even invented most.

The author of the leak admits that the Datamainer Miller, who objected to the nature of these rumors, was right, saying that they were rude, and that was "Bastard retelling" the plot of the game that he regrets.

Notes on the plot were collected completely from fragments of game files, skipping huge fragments between them and losing all context. And even in this case, according to the author of the leak, he "missed" Most of them.

Although "main events" Indeed, the details indicated as facts were mainly speculative by the author. Some parts were completely invented. Some storylines were completely lowered.

In short, he wrote this because he saw how harmful it was that he revealed for the game, and realized that he had a lot and not just ruined things, but released a lot of incorrect information, and now he regrets it. It is nice, of course, to speak retroactively, but the damage is caused, and there will be twenty times more people to see the leak than these apologies and recognition.

It remains only to guess what the fate of Suicide Squad will be. There was a lot of negativity around this leak, but now it turned out that most of the hearing is a lie or a wrong description. Meanwhile, many of those, played in closed alpha respond positively about the game. In addition, Rocksteady continues to move forward and shares the new long videos about the game in his insider series Suicide Squad, the new episode of which was aired only yesterday.