The duration of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is about the same as that of the first part, but the scenes will be larger

After the release of the new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trailer on the last state of Play, Insomniac Games revealed some details of the game. It is known that the game zone has almost doubled due to the addition of Queens and Brooklyn to the game recreation of New York. However, the senior creative director of Insomniac, Brian Intighar, in an interview with Gamesindustry.Biz emphasized that this will not affect the duration of the game.

The duration of Spider-Man 2 will remain similar to the original part: according to Howlongtobeat data, about 17 hours for the main passage of the storyline, 25.5 hours for the main passage taking into account side tasks and 34.5 hours to complete the end of the game.

We never say: "Oh, it will be so long". We try to formulate the concept. What is our goal? What basic principles support it? And then we begin to work on this, and everything is organically. At the same time, we knew that it would be more than Miles Morales. But it was necessary to do what corresponds to the story that we wanted to tell. I would say that it is very similar to Spider-Man 1. We have not doubled the size of the game. We want to do what corresponds to our vision, time and attention, which are necessary to create this experience, as well as take care of our team. This is not a 200-hour game. I would have much less hair if it were a 200-hour game.

In another part of the interview, Intichard explained that one of the goals of this continuation was to create larger scenes (in particular, battles with bosses), which became possible thanks to instant loading on PS5.

From the very beginning, we knew what we would do Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 5. And then it came to the fact that PlayStation 5 offers what we can use. We were very lucky to work with Mark Cerny, which is one of the producers of the game. He is my mentor. I owe much to him in terms of who I am in professional terms today. Working with Mark helped us understand where the console is moving. We knew about the solid -state drive. And so the fantasies of the players "I want to swing faster, faster and faster", We knew that we could provide it. But also. what exactly in the console allows us to realize the vision of the game? We wanted our scenes, our battles with bosses to be larger. With PS5 and loading, we can do this much easier than before

Yesterday Insomniac also clarified which graphic modes will be present in Spider-Man 2. As usual for the last games, there will be three: 30 frames per second, 60 frames per second and 40 frames per second if you have a display with a frequency of 120 Hz and support for VRR and HDMI 2.1. For the first time it was possible to include support for tracing rays in all these modes, although, of course, the quality will depend on the given personnel frequency. In addition, reflection from the surface of the water and the ocean itself was added to the trace of rays.

Spider-Man 2 will be released on October 20 at PlayStation 5. The version for the PC is most likely to appear in the next couple of years.