This mod returns to the vampires of Skyrim and the former glory

The ability to become a vampire appeared in the Games of the Elder Scrolls series in Daggerfall, but the expansion of Dawnguard for Skyrim was oriented precisely on sunny evaders – it allowed you to become a lord of vampires that changing the appearance, or a hunter for vampires with a crossbow with a crossbow. Perhaps you do not know that this addition also to some extent cut vampires.

Dawnguard reduced the damage caused by several varieties of vampires, disconnected a perk that allows vampires of the level of boss to ignore a certain percentage of armor when using maces, and also changed the frost resistance and fire resistance of all vampires. Moreover, the effect of achieving the fourth stage of vampirism when you begin "hate and be afraid", was reduced. NPC will no longer attack the vampire at the fourth stage only if he is in the form of a vampire lord or eats.

Mod Bloodhunt – Cut Vampire Content Restoration from SSOCIALANXIETY, available for downloading our site for free. It cancels some of these changes, and also allows you to use a couple of unused vampire abilities that were found in Dawnguard: Vampiric Strength files gives bloodsuckers an increase in the injury unarmed, and Dreadar Cloak gives vampires of the third stage of a damage once a day.

Moreover, Bloodhunt makes the weakness of vampires to sunlight a little more reasonable. In Skyrim 5 a.m. is considered dawn, although it is still dark. Bloodhunt shifts time an hour ago, which means that you will have time until 6 am, and you will have to wait until 8 pm. In addition, Vampiric Drain is improved in it, and a mistake was also fixed, due to which Drain Life caused less damage if you had a favorite companion of all fanged seran in the companions.

As a bonus, Bloodhunt returns their old clothes to NPC vampires, which was based on ordinary characters’ clothing, and not on the uniform of vampire armor and vampire mantles, which, obviously, were sent by mail to all residents of the province who caught the vampiris of the vampiris. Even if you do not plan to become a fight next time you play Skyrim, this is a decent addition.

Bloodhunt is not a radical alteration, like some other mods for vampirism in Skyrim, but this is a good example of how a mod "Vanil Plus" can improve the game.