In the new Mechanics Voiceover, they continue to talk about the voice acting of Radio Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Mechanics Voiceover’s localizations group introduced a new video telling about work on the voice acting Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This time the video is devoted to radio.

The video lasts 11 minutes and demonstrates the voice acting of conversations on the radio. According to the team, on the guest, the radical feminist Michael Govinis, a lot of time and effort has gone with regard to translation, studio recording, reduction of sound and even the installation of this video. In the video you will hear the voices of actresses Christina Sherman (Alice and Polina from "Bunny / Tiny Bunny", Vasilisa from "Black Book") and Yulia Yablonskaya. In general, the project has already involved 46 actors and 18 actresses.

You have already watched almost all aspects that the conversational speech in GTA, without which 90% of the game of the game passes by players. However, we still have something to show, and in today’s cut, you can finally find out what all the salt of conversational radio stations, whose volume of words exceeds even the storyline (and generally pulls on a separate game).

The voice acting of radio stations will perceive the game as it was conceived by the developers. It is one thing when you go and do not understand anything, and it’s completely different when all the dialogs and jokes are competently translated and voiced.

The test is straight, all the time I wanted to listen to the English voice acting radio

Worthy! We missed at one time about half the atmosphere of this wonderful game. For this, it’s even worth it after the output is released after the release

At first I thought that voice acting is not for the sake of which you can reproduce the Sun. But right now, I include that I may be reproduced) All the same, this is the best part of GTA.

She is like Mikael Karapadis, no?:)

The surname is adapted in order to translate jokes with the game of words.

they already translate it as much as it?And they also fell a bunch of projects. If they translate so much Weiss City (where there are not many dialogs), then there are other games.It would be really better GTA 5 and RDR 2 voiced

Wais City larger than most modern games. Where does the opinion come from that there are not many dialogs? The rest of the GTA is generally more voluminous than RPGs by the type of mass effects.

In GTA 5 126 hours of speech. In all three masses, effects and then only 95. Imagine how much money and time would take 5.

Need a voice acting GTA 5 and RDR 2?Go to finish over 12 million rubles and wait for at least 3-5 years.Got it, honestly, do not know how voice acting do not write then nonsense.Yes, and each project has its own curator, so a bunch of projects (although there are only 5 of them) do not affect the period of voice acting.And they have been doing the voice acting of Weiss City for a long time, because they paid the amount themselves for the most part, and when they opened fees (150,000 rubles-broths, the total amount of 600,000, that is, 450,000 paid themselves) so that they could finish Weiss City for several Only 30,000 thousand have been collected for weeks, and only thanks to one person (120,000), the fees were able to finish.So even if they open fees to GTA 5 and RDR 2, it is not the fact that.And if they collect, they will complain like you to complain that they are doing the voice acting for a long time, and by that time GTA 6 will come out and will probably write so that they would better voiced it.

for which 12 million then?What is there?Max Payne is voiced, there are more dialogs on the radio in GTA, which are just not necessary to translate, and there are not many dialogs and actors there, but even a two-headed, they were not Death Stranding where dialogs are 8-9 hours

Well, in mass effect, textual dialogs are mainly

Your GTA 5 and RDR2 cannot be voiced by no one can not one group. Even if you throw millions on these projects, it is not a matter of money, but a problem inside these two games. There are files that and what says from the characters there just a room. This Rockstar made in these games specifically that more than one country could not voice these two games in dubbing and not only in English but in general. It’s not about money at all. And the problem of the technical plan in these two games.

I do not cease to be surprised, in 2023 to begin to translate the GTA of the Sun for almost 20 years, although more modern and technological, and most importantly more relevant GTA 4 and 5 are also without translation (of course I love the Sun, but the last license plates will be more pleasant, the graphics all the same.

Babbs also collect butters (

"Babbs also collect butters (" And what, dubbing actors and others should work for thanks?

Do you want GTA 4 or even more than GTA 5? Well, bring them 2 or more than a million rubles, they will do it, there they already collect money on the Bust in full, and SA requires 1.800.00 rubles, and now imagine the amount of the same four or God forbid the fifth, where the dialogs are just a tone, Hogwarts Legacy smokes on the sidelines of the GTA 4 and GTA 5, but the same HL (let them do not do mechanics) more than a million, and the amount of more than a million, and Yes, whether it costs me that the fourth GTA was just 15 years old and the fifth GTA this year will turn 10 years old, but you know what I am for this? To the fact that both of these games fall into the juniper section, and what the most find fault with the mechanics? To the fact that they voiced the junk, you will say that in the GTA 4 or in GTA 5, they play until the same? I’ll tell you more, they also play the same triple, besides, this translation of Weiss is not only for the original, but also for the defentative that at the end of this January went to Steam, that is, quite a bit, but this translation is still Actual.