Screenwriter Baldur’s Gate 3 revealed the true number of endings by Rafail, players have yet to recognize them

Even three months after the official release of such a monstrous role -playing game as Baldur’s Gate 3 from Larian Studios, continues to hide many secrets. The community of players are regularly divided by interesting discoveries in the game and finds, but they could not get to the most interesting – endings associated with Raphael. The scriptwriter of the game in a recent conversation with journalists finally revealed the true number of finals at the mysterious half-eagle, offering players healing in exchange for the soul.

According to the host of Baldur’s Gate 3, Adam Smith, there are a total of seven different endings in one way or another related to Raphael. He does not want to spoil the impressions of the players, so he will not describe them and even give clues to receive them. Players have to find additional finals on their own and experiment with the consequences of decisions made.

In fact, now Rafail has seven endings. We added quite a lot of things, so he can meet more than once and affect the fate of the player or his satellites.

Smith separately noted that the seven endings of Rafail became available along with the release of the last major update for the game, where the players found a lot of hidden innovations. Apparently, the developers have added new finals for the character through patches and can do it again, so fans should hurry to receive the existing endings.

Recall that earlier the head of Larian Studios confirmed the active support of Baldur’s Gate 3 for the next year.

Rafail has only one ending if you understand what I mean.

Exactly. Rob, break horns, kill, forget.

He is sexy) Why with him so

There is a double for this.

Men do not attract me.

Well, I’m a girl) I am normal)
you should attract a character’s charisma by logic)

Really worthy game turned out. Without questions the game of the year

Infinity in the heads of fans of the pig.

Well, I have it for a raced 3,14, 3 minutes after the credits about what; Well, okay, I didn’t really need a crown, you all worse and all that. Either bluff, so as not to seem like a sucker, or in vain, I gave the crown not to him, but someone else.

I hope the continuation with the development of this plot will be released. It would be interesting what he will think of to achieve his.

The most difficult opponent was for me

Hmm. One ending – they gave the crown to Raphael, the other was given to Mistra, the third – gave Gale and he gave Rafail Pink, the fourth – the crown turned out to be not on his teeth, the fifth – Raphael corpse (although they say that he comes to some), and which ones come to some) and which ones two more? If you do not have things to do with him at all, then it does not seem to appear in the endings. And to fulfill the contract or drop the crown into the water so that he himself will catch it himself – this is one ending or two different? And I understand correctly that Mistra and Gail now have priority before the signed contract, otherwise Raf would not talk about violated agreements? I am affected by the ending where he simply leaves us to observe the consequences of our decisions. That is, you can sign a contract, then give a damn about it, but the devil is such a darling that it will not do anything for this? Another reason not to kill a pet)

Surely another ending where his succubus-twin in the female appearance becomes pregnant from GG and comes to the epilogue asks for alimony..

I can not reach other endings, because I don’t really want to abandon that legendary armor. There would be an alternative clothes that suitable for other classes, it would be possible to leave alive.

Yes, I know Rafail, I was a good devil. But he talked too much.

He does not want to spoil the impressions of the players, so he will not describe them and even give clues to receive them.

I got a good way. You might think who needs it, will not find the right on the network. Well, Happy New Year, I went to FIG.

What these 7 endings are about, there are only 2-3 endings, give a horn, sell your #lo to him and give the crown. What else could be there. I took out his house, and then he broke off the horns, and he did not resolve. Again they begin to push the hennya about 17k endings, which the pig in a stormy imagination?

Fighting the house, pass it to the devil of a high rank, they say he chemicals under you

I came up with two more

Rafik is already under the cap of my dad, Mephistopheles, if I am right, and the papik put the incubus to know the plans of my son, only Eh, my son in the horn received from my temptation. In general, I am upset that there are so many opportunities to get the power from the Origins of unkind, the Shadukha has a ball, Lizka can be the leader of the uprising or ally, Goyle is generally God with his weaving, super vampire Astarion, whiner Will in the span, Karlokh is merged plot, even hint of the found forge Zariel. They are better for me in satellites, and the appearance suits them, but not for the Persian, that I want to play. I love the temptation, so, ept, you either remain with a whip from Baal, or at all with nothing, and why there is no way to extinguish the three as from the Datamines? Why is it impossible to divide the power of the crown with Gale? And the most stupid on their part, to study your temptation and take control of it so that dad is not powerful above you? And larvae, it is so difficult to pull them out in other ways? They only stop the transformation, nothing more. In fact, we did nothing, the three are alive, and in 10-15 years they will make the dirty tricks again.

What endings are they constantly talking about? There are not even final slides in the game to summarize. In the game 2.5 ending. Zoobify the brain or destroy it. All. All endings. There is nothing more.


People have already added epilogue

"Epilogue" Spit in the face, a variant from the Datamines, where Jergal the notes led and said, much better, as it should be finished epilogue. And this, the party of the Tukhlyak, was asking for 10 minutes, whether they didn’t tell anything at all, my girls, at least Lizka found a nursery and calls me, Shadukha, something traveled to me and that’s all, Mintara Defoltny told me that the default It is necessary to continue to go to the subway or in the garage gate to make intrigues. And the favorite, the most brevity of the consequences of our adventure, newspaper, e#@!?ny in his mouth, they could generally write two words, Vulbrene captured the gate, the cult of Baal kills, and letters of gratitude from Masych 2 in the beginning.

Only 7 endings? Why not 583? This game is not worthy of title "The game of the year"

Yeah, the more endings, the better =)

Some fools translated, others repeat, others are minus.

And what is wrong? The Cambon house has many references to Christian mythology, twisted quotes from the Bible and Psalms, even on the ceremonial portrait in the dining room, it is depicted with a staff, as in canonical painting is depicted by the Archangel Rafail. So it is logical to assume that his name was not borrowed from a ninja turtle, but from the angel-demon pantheon, for which there are established names in English transcription: not Gabriel, Rafael, namely that Gabriel, Rafail, etc.D. The translators have nothing to do with.

It is precisely that these are only references, and not the character from mythology, and here it is extremely desirable to use either close in sound or in writing (both of them will be Rafael), and the established names.

And the translators here is also. For not only his name was translated through the ass, but others, for example, Karlach were translated as Karllah, not Karllak, Shadowheart was translated as a Shedouhart, and not Shadouhart, etc.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Recently I had recently found out that they were in dialogs in the game, where meat, matyuki, murders and naked Sisiki took these same Matyuki.

Well, you never know what is extremely desirable for you. The Italians, in accordance with their pronunciation of the name, is generally Diavolo raffaello. Localization is not perfect, yes, although it constantly changes from patch to patch. Translation in the first edition of the phrase Karllah "I Trusted" How "I loved" In relation to the larynx, I, fortunately, missed, although the people were perplexed. But found Astarion, who has "A Snug Little Spot for that MOULD" It was read like a pale "A wonderful place for this mold" (Blutler loves to play in the Easter cakes. Ugh!). "Filthy Devil" translated as "Dirty . Op" And "Sluttious creature". Ton of some completely inappropriate modern English conversational slang. Literally almost google translaite translated speech turnover – early access was especially sinning. Artistic liberties to the detriment of semantic accuracy. In the book "Devil Don`t Rhyme", For example, upset the translation "I’ll Keep My Time and Make My Rhyme, With Vim and Snap and No No "Down Came The Claw" CRAP" How "I am a master to speak with poetry, I click rhymes with handfuls, I do not make them a tap-lip, will not be here "clawed paws". What clawed paws?! There, the whole point was that the unknown author knows from somewhere and literally quotes Rafail’s crown phrase, which he himself will later abandon the player in the House of Hope: "Download Comes The Claw" – And obviously it is mocking this. At the same time in the House of Hope "Download Comes The Claw" Translated as "The predator releases claws". In the same house of hope, some poetic rhymes in signatures disappeared – they simply scored them. "The Ink IS Dry, The Contract Signed, Threads of Fate Shall now Unwind" Translate how "Ink has dried up, the contract is signed, the threads of fate will be broken now"- what is it? Against this background, the absence of matyukov is more pleasing to me, but certainly not worrying.

Do not disgrace, their own names adapt to pronunciation and sound in another language, everything is fine there with translation)))

I wanted to play, but already from the editor I did not like the faces of some terrible, and that the main character is not voiced ? Why then does he choose a voice?

And you really turned on the game or once again decided to pile a bunch, but again did not take off his pants?

Well, what is the main character in the game of the year is not voiced?

but there is no English translation yet. Oh my God! You opened my eyes game and really rare rubbish I’ll go about it to everyone. It’s very important!

This is a conscious choice for the player to associate himself with GG. If you choose the GG of a pre -installed character, also his voice acting disappears from the game, although there are tons of dialogs is recorded with him, as with a companion.

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