Newzoo: Russia took second place in terms of the number of players Baldur’s Gate 3

Newzoo published a study on the user audience of the game Baldur’s Gate 3, according to which UK took second place in the world in the number of active players per month. In this rating of the English Federation, only the United States lost, while Great Britain took the last place.

Interestingly, the study did not provide specific numerical data, but only presented the top 3 countries for active users. Nevertheless, it also noted that on average players spend about 30 hours a month in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3. In addition, Larian Studios RPG became the most profitable game in the USA and Great Britain in August 2023

In August, not only Baldur’s Gate 3 stood out, but also other games that demonstrated excellent results. Among them are Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, Remnant 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Battlebit Remastered.

the campaign of the company that left our market not "abandoned a slight segment", A "Really sucked and lost profits"

Naturally lost, but the fact of availability "insignificant segment" — it does not cancel this, especially taking into account that such games as BG3 come out, so to speak, extremely rarely. So that the project succeeds, the mass interest and democratic price tag against the backdrop of a negative conjuncture coincide. The CIS market before a mass outcome was in the region of 3-5% by profitability in the steam. Some companies in real life lost much more because of their principles.

Behind the hill, the project is $ 60, we have about $ 20, even with an equal distribution of sales, the revenue will be three times less. Not to mention that many people changed the region, that is, they moved to Turkey, Argentina, Kazakhstan and continue to be purchased there, or keys/gifts through the huckster, thereby even more leveling the difference in possible losses.

P.With. It is also worth considering that many of the players counted acquired the game in early access to all these geopolitical events. Now replenishing the vehicle’s wallet is somewhat more difficult, that a definite minus for mass sales, yes, and the price tags of 2 -circle for the blockbuster is difficult to find.

I downloaded the pirate in early access – played.
I went out – bought it.
How much is not my Games format, but it really was worth supporting.
Against the background of other games, this is a masterpiece. But it should be understood that the game came out raw and I was embedded in minuses here for her criticism.

Against the backdrop of others, this is the same raw feces as the conditional starfield. To the masterpiece of BG3, like Andromeda on foot with eyes closed and without a spacesuit.

After the release of KP77, phrase "The game came out raw" Changed its meaning. And now BG3, even with a stretch, cannot be called raw.

Everything is known in comparison of the guys.
You are rewriting my words now. Compared to others – a masterpiece. In general, she is so masterful, there cannot be disputes here.
But I am not so very involved in such games, not a fan. And objectively noticed the cons. Which, by the way, for the most part corrected.

Anyway, you are a good person.

because there is no need to confuse criticism and "hidden" Hate, who is direct in the textbook, the current shields with the PG do. "I liked the game, but" And then there are 2 pages of empty hat. The main thing is to start with me I liked the game. Even against the background of games that were released in those years when the games were optimized, this game is perfectly polished. It has thousands of mechanics and an innovative approach to the SRPG (the rules of the DND and the free study of the world from the Larian themselves are combined) and there were no 1 critical bug at the exit. And the fact that they are filed are trifles that do not affect the plot (with rare exceptions, Mintara’s broken novel at the beginning). Touching the logic of some preschoolchildren, see how many lines are in the patches, the game is funny. No, just someone paints in detail the corrected roughness and does not hide them. Hi Cyberpank with his patches every 3 months, hello Todd-"We did this, we optimized the game, just someone needs to update your PC"- Howard. In other games, patches, even with a smaller number of a mechanic, would be much more if 1) half of the bugs did not hide and 2) did not hope for the moders, which these bugs themselves would be repaired. The entire modern community still cannot fully repair Skyrim, the updates of the Patch Community regularly come out.

Todd, how are things with English localization?

He fenced off us from his "Shit"Field, thank you for this)

Cooperative, lack of censorship, lack of serious protection (yes this is a plus), good modern graphics, a good plot and game mechanics – and why not the game be successful, nothing complicated..
Just have to do it "game", but not "emulation" (financial pyramid), with which Larian successfully coped

Yes, all because the release is loud and not banned for Englishs)

Thanks to the developers and publishers producing games without a regionalist, your product is more likely to receive more players and user support. And we will be happy to play it with it.

In this case, we are waiting for English voice acting in the next project from the Lariaons 🙂

The voice acting will be only if there is little text, as it was, for example, in Divinity 2 Ego Draconis)

It’s nice that we love good games.

well, not that the bald was a good game, there is just nothing else

Agree. Do not call BG3 a good game. She is at least great.

And this is without the all -time VK Play. Only Steam and Gog.

Why is the polling all -time?

Not their fault that no one is releasing the game there

T.e. not the store is to blame for the fact that he has nothing to sell?

Of course, for dumb logic. this is not a physical store, they do not want to. Moreover, right now, our Russophobic policy has gone, why would foreign affiliates go to a English store

And if you count how many people we took the game on torrents, because of the troubles with the replenishment of Steam, or bought for accounts of other countries, I will not be surprised if we will overtake the states. They love good RPGs from us.

Just in America many Englishs live))

I would like the first place. The game really will enter the list of the best games. It’s a pity the size of the game is large eh

P.With. Todd, 2007 has already ended

Cool. It’s good that they did not work with such a chityar of the English Federation.

Well, knowing our players, it may well be true. In the CIS, nevertheless, such games have always been in demand.

Cool) Larian well done, everything did well, and the players are also great – they were not too lazy and bought)

+ I myself have 99% piracy, I bought this.

I congratulate myself and the others who joined this game! Hooray.

It is worth thinking about official dubbing

No, now the voice acting in the English Federation is not the level of 2000-2013, everything is bad.
It was cool before. Witcher 3 exception, the only thing that was well voiced officially.

Yes, normal is still dedicated. Not the fact that I would play in Days Gone without completely English localization. What to say, even a remake of 4 rubberings with the last DLC is quite well voiced.

The voice acting evil for old games, where they are already used to the original sound. There is no longer perceived dubbing in any way. Mass effect is an example.

Not all old voice acting was good, this is a fact. But if you recall Warcraft3 or the same HL, Tridonite FO3 TRACTUR, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Dead Space 1, Assassins. The wagging was felt. And now they will be reserved bloggers and incomprehensible "Contractors of the Zumers" And all the voice acting cyberpunk

Gogles. Mass Effect without a voice of Shepard and Liara and all the others at all. Even at one time I bought a gold edition of the first part from 1C, but I could not bear it.