A final battle with the boss flowed into the network and the scene after the credits from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Information leaks about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 continue to appear on the Internet. This time, the user Reddit shared his fragments of gameplay, which shows the battle with the boss in the final part of the game, the final video and the scene after the credits.

Please note: these videos contain huge spoilers. In the final, fascinating events take place that may be a surprise for some., And the scene after the credits hints at a possible continuation of adventures and represents the characters that players may encounter in the third part of the game.

All videos are hidden under the spoiler

The release date of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is scheduled for October 20, 2023. The game will be available exclusively for PlayStation 5 and will have a complete English -speaking localization.

Em. I read the comments, could not resist and looked. Em.. Well, here are guys, even if you are a geek and a fan, feel free to press, generally garbage, not spoilers. I won’t even hide it like a “spoiler”. Some kind of boring file with Venom and ridiculous wings … (what is it?), Harry Ozborne Venom, Apheg, Ban PG will not give me for this? There it seems that all these “spoilers” themselves opened for a long time. Scenes after the credits.. Generally shock. Shock of boredom … like a joke.. In 1 spider, the teaser is right, well, it is really cool, and then after the first part, the feeling that the teaser is on the first part)) and the second scene I will not understand it, I am sure. Character teaser, very much like that.. Well, like ordinary I xs.. Geeks learn, well, like and okay. I’m more shocked by Katszen, who are just one to one, well, just one to one first part, like the graphics, at least kill, the models are generally directly copied by some of the game about Morales (even the clothes probably did not change lol). And was in shock from costumes. Em.. It feels like additional costumes, but there is no campaign.. How bad they look God.. I’m still very afraid of what they did with the Parker spider and the symbiot there as a whole. Generally even like what I saw. Here I take responsibility. Generally feel free to look, there is simply nothing to watch there. The fact that Venom is the final boss is even boring … They said that they would surprise us. I just don’t understand what

This is some new level of boring. We buy expensive ps5 to watch movies. And a few gameplay is again the jamming of the Bolvanchik-Boss, the purpose of which is just to eat all the attacks without any hint of at least some Chellenge. Fantastic game. And these are SECELLER systems, according to the SIE leadership.

When the first part went to the PC, it was high to fly on the map, and the plot and fits in the style of Betman Archam were strangled to 6-8 hours of games, I am silent about gathering on the map.

I read your comments here and people in Tiktoka under the video of the gameplay of the second spider.

People that you need at all?
-“The same animations as in the first part.”

-“And this is the graphon? What has changed in 5 years?”

-“DLC for the first part. Nothing new.”

What do you want from the sequel? To completely process the engine, so that it is felt differently? So that the graphics are at the level of real life?

You can understand that a huge team of game programmers has been working on one project for 5 years? 5 years of life! During this time, you can finish the university and create a family.

And they not only worked on a spider. Also over Wolverine, Morales and Ratchet and Clank. Just imagine what volume of work is there.

Why change animations when the old ones worked so well? They simply twisted them and added new ones, as befits Sicvel.

At the expense of the graphon and it is clear that the level has increased. Detailing is much better than in the first part.

It’s very early to say anything at the plot, looking at the ending. We do not know what led to this.