Baldur’s Gate 3 receives another “game of the year”, and Alan Wake 2 takes the prize for “Best Visual”

There is no doubt that the main triumph of this year in the nomination "The game of the year" will become a step -by -step role -playing game Baldur’s Gate 3 from Larian Studios. The project has already managed to earn many awards as part of the Golden Joystick Awards and continues to win prizes among other publications along with the expected Alan Wake sequel. This time, an amazing fantasy adventure and horror were appreciated in the authoritative Spanish magazine 3djuegos.

As part of the 3rd 3djuegos Awards, the best gaming projects that have been published over the past 12 months were named. The awarding ceremony of winners was held at the Barcelo Theater in Madrid, where famous gaming critics and editors of the magazine were present.

The main thing "The game of the year" expectedly called Baldur’s Gate 3. For the editorial office, the step -by -step RPG from Larian Studios became a real masterpiece in 2023, which by the quality of execution and the script bypasses all other releases. Alan Wake 2 received special attention. Corner could not take the main award of the ceremony, but won in the nomination "Best graphics". The visual component of the Alan Wake sequel received many praise from critics.

The best video games of the year on 3djuegos Awards:

  • The best soundtrack – Final Fantasy XVI
  • The best story is Baldur’s Gate 3
  • Best graphics – Alan Wake 2
  • The best DLC, expansion or additional content is Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty the best opening game-Hi-Fi Rush
  • The best game of the year according to readers is Baldur’s Gate 3 (30.3%)
  • The game of the year. The masterpiece of 2023 – Baldur’s Gate 3

It’s a pity for the fashion for this 🙁

And throw off the source please

And in high resolutions there are?

Ancrop + Topazik passed

Well deserved. Well done Larian Studios. I hope they will give us many more similar games further. I wish you Sven Wink of great health (like Gaben) and the further development of his studio, so that some people who love to buy everyone not to buy everyone in his swamp.

I will add more. Despite the fact that the game is good, I think if the DND did not belong to the Byzards and Hasbro, but belonged to such a studio as Larian, the game would be much better. Plus a lot of cool games turned out through this universe. I am just 100% sure that the Byzards limited the actions of the Larias in creating the plot and definitely influenced the development and content.

Vinka seems to dream in space setting now to make a game! Good luck to him, it would be interesting.

Someone suggests that this is a type of game on Warhammer 40,000.

Well, Vinka himself said that his dream. And speculation already from the community. There, fantasy broke out, from Wahi to, something in the style of cyberpunk in isometry.

Well, it would be funny to play in this. Especially if the Larias embodied one of the settings on the waha, for example, Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader (of course, they are the last to be engaged in fiberons, but there are a lot of free merchants and they go to different corners of the galaxy).

Nobody doubts congratulations to the well done, by the way, the foster as an adequate rating and Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty a decent reward as the best DLC received here, still the Resident Evil 4 would be awarded as the best remake.

It remains to wait for the creation of such a nomination.

Alan Wake 2 Best Visual/Graphics, seriously? Seriously b **!? This is like that for the fact that the requirements are so inadequate, or for soap in 2k with which even Reshade does not cope, or for the reflection of which there is not even on the water, or for this very water, the effects of bursts of which resemble water from Vice City, or any other game The beginning of the two thousandth. In The Last of Us, all this is realized at a best level at a best level, but it does not even support tracing and not so demanding on the gland!
Alan Wake 2 developers can only be given a reward of the year with iron manufacturers (in particular with NVIDIA), they did not have time to release the game, but they already distribute the 40xx video cards for new owners for free, oh, well, it is necessary.

Players do not see foul graphics, they, like robots, believe everything that they are pushed. They said "Super graphics" So, it is. Take a closer look and see, soap and the fact that everything is mediocre there is not a state.

I agree, they tell them a good graphon in Alan Wake, they believe, they say they say a good game, they believe.

I agree completely. Where they saw the graphics, xs. A piece of soap of non -optimized. Early eyes come out.

There is a difference, Alan Vake and 1 was a piece of alternative chocolate

I believed in it the very beginning.Congratulations to the guys where the screamers were shouting the game of the year will become Starfield Lol

Starfield needs a separate award – a hat of the year.

There is not enough golden raspberry in the gaming industry.

There is no doubt that the main triumph of this year in the nomination "The game of the year" will become a step -by -step role -playing game Baldur’s Gate 3 from Larian Studios.

Q.E.D. 🙏👍👍👍👌🕺🏼 World Topchik game!

The game deservedly took an honorable place. Despite the rather short plot of Baldur’s Gate 3, it is saturated with events and capabilities. Probably the only game where the change of race is radically changing the passage.

We are glad for Vinka. According to him, they did not hope for such awards. If only they would not have struck.

Well, they say and milk chickens.

well, the game is really gorgeous! Cool story (especially for the temptation), beautiful bright world, interesting quests, huge variability, living partners, with mods can be played in the camera mode from the back and clava WASD, the fights, though stepical, but epic, are not large, a bunch of patches in half a year , in general, the game of the year is definitely, and the haters go far and for a long time)

How pleasant it is to feel on the air the smell of burnt farts of publishers + games and pegs experts, who with foam at the mouth were yelling that bg3 is bullshit, game and feces. )

And as the publishers bombed, this is just a heart balm in general)

Down and Out trouble started. Not yet evening. Volcanoes do not immediately wake up spit lava.

AW2 – deservedly, graphone and design is really cool in the game (especially on HDR Monica), BG is good up to the 3rd act, after 140 hours spent on the passage of the 1st and 2nd acts of the 3rd did not master, very much loses to the first two.And very burdensome.

The game of the year is likely to be Baldur’s Gate 3 (it seems to be a leader in voting), some buns will receive Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty (do not forget that this is just an addition) something is not clear with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Alan Wake II will receive a cookie on music. Code 23 seems to be without awards, maybe they will give a cartoon (hardly).

Alan Wake 2 Best Visual? No, all the felt -tip pens to taste and color are different, but from the passage of Alan 2 I almost developed marine illness. I was rocking, and I did not see nichrome, everything is in soap and darkness, the colors are just ripped off. Xs is shorter, dreams at a temperature of 39 seemed to be

Check the doctor))) it looks like something serious

Agree. The bottom is rotten. Removed after 15 minutes. It is more pleasant to watch a piece of laundry soap

In Japan, probably, a Rezik has become a game of the year

Yes, if only they did not overdo it, otherwise, as always, they have a superfluous and ruin everything as always.

Veri GOOD is updated

Where Wake dared awards? Baldur yes, Wake no. The main award from players, not critics

1st place definitely won Gothic 2 night raven

And where is Calfield? M, Howard? The game that your grandchildren will play, oh eh..

Another clowning) some kind of turbidity. BG3 played 10 minutes, deleted. I don’t know, not my genre. But the Alan) the best graphics) Apparently they prepare the shkolot for the waves of the soapy bottom of the non -optimized in 24) like Alan game of the year. Against his background, any muddy rotten will seem to look good already). Rastens themselves are probably in shock) where the world rolls. The last couple of years, a hard regression in the gaming industry unfortunately.

It’s funny, of course, what to add here.

No, once again, I do not want to say that the BG3 is some kind of bottom game, but. Machy, seriously? In general, none of the fans of the BG3 played in divinity? This is a clone by 90%, the only difference is that they added croats in the spirit of the Inquisition. In return, cutting the mechanics, such as craft, management of their shelter, partial voice acting of the main characters, etc.D.

At the same time, leaving the time of the first Orijinal of Sina to the All -Return Inventory, the All -Retress Card, the All -Retray Cubes, even the Lack of a Pause in a Single Game. All the jambs for which Larianov criticized years, Successfully not corrected in the new game. Passing plot, standard for the studio, cut ending in the style of ME3. All the same, you can’t switch the type of fighting as in some Pathfinder. Everything is the same as in their own game as much as 2014, with inserts from the DAI of the same year of release.

Seriously, in order to consider BG3 for the best game and a breakthrough of the year, it was necessary not to get out of the tanks for the past ten years. The product is not even secondary, it is tender, if not four.

Pysdos, with the same success, it was possible to present awards to the next, 10050-doors in a row Assassin. Although in the games of the anniversary at least something from the game to the game is changing. Lariana and in 2034 will produce another clone of divinity.

Great game, but I agree with the comment, it is excellent for fans of DND and step -by -step battles. If you do not go into details, indeed, this is another part of their Divinity. I wonder why DOS2 did not become a game of the year?))) In fact, it is no worse than BG3. Apparently it’s just about advertising.

Pysdos, with the same success, it was possible to present awards to the next, 10050-doors in a row Assassin. Although in the games of the anniversary at least something from the game to the game is changing.

From this, in the snot, I’m sorry. What is changing there? Skins from the store in the Singplayer Game?

Your candidate for the game of the year?

If you follow your logic, all shooters clones of each other, strategies, diabloids in general the scenery only change. Yes BG3 and OS at the same base, why change what works fine? But there are many cardinal differences, I am a fan of both of these games. Even in the combat system there are differences of the BG3 has the main and additional action, which changes the tactics of the battle in the OS Unified Glasses. BG3 made according to the rules DND, the games have different universe. BG3 has a huge variability, a story that connects even side quests, the game knows how to surprise with turns, there are living partners with excellent stories and fate that you can influence. If they make such wonderful games, I agree and play until 2043. By the way, the shame called Starfield, which you are so actively defending in the comments, is it a clone of all the released games Bethesda? Only it is clear much worse. I am tormented by vague doubts that someone failed and is very jealous of the winner))

That’s just someone who had been a little. I have never stated that Starfield is a game of the year, or that BG3 is a fierce gamut. I just try to weigh both games adequately. For me, both games are approximately at the same level, something even in Starfield more novelty more (while other buns, of course, less, but not about that).

But once again, if in 2023 to give awards and prizes of the year to this clone of divinity, stating that this is just some kind of breakthrough in the industry, then there is nothing to be surprised if Tetris wins in 2024.

As for the shooters, I don’t remember that the doom Eternal was considered some kind of breakthrough compared to DOOM 2016, and the hype was not particularly there. Although there are even more differences there than between the games of the Larian.

As for great variability – the only one for passing once when I really needed it – for the sake of the opportunity to recruit two allies with a different worldview – the game recommended that I go fuck and download mods.

Well, after the game of the year was given BG3 – why, in fact, no? Skins in the new assassin are different, not like in Valgalla? Other. Catcans are different? Other. Everything, a breakthrough in the industry, bring rewards.

How to not win such a game. Goblins even sleep standing in it. Deafening success.

Wow O_O
Urgently need to write a petition for the re -conduct of the 3DJuegos Awards ceremony attaching this screenshot, I think the result will change.

No no. Nothing needs to be written, attach screenshots. All the way!

What year, such and games of the year.

I do not agree not much except Baldur Gate 3

The masterpiece of 2023 – Baldur’s Gate 3

Game for youngsters 🤣

Hat of the year and not the game downloaded launched

Why said? Now all rewards will be taken away.

Haters set the minuses of people correctly wrote

And Che is not a Cyberbag hat 2077

You are playing? BG3 game of the year? Not deservedly, t.To. 1 place should take Zelda.

Why? Most of the users gave her their vote, because they liked the game, this is precisely the same.

What nafig Zelda, it is no different from the previous part, there is nothing there, neither the plot norms, nor gameplay, nothing new, and even on a specific platform

Because the BG3 technically went to 2020, this is at least the main reason)

Very sad, the Starfield is two heads better. And the characters and the plot in the Starfield are much more interesting, but, unfortunately, there are too many adherents of DND in our world, so this parash is occupied by top and so many positive reviews. Unfortunately, they do not understand the cosmos (most likely there are not enough brains), they bring a new game to the genre, that the BG3 is only a miserable parody of the masterpiece Dragon Age, only with the addition of dull mandatory step -by -step battles, vile, uninteresting characters and a vibrant plot. Especially the second act is just the most trash location that I saw in the games, not to mention the main villain who is so one type that it is impossible to look at him without facepalm, and as a fundamentary on almost all the poor. And this voice behind the scenes. And the main thing would be for what to play.. But the game, the further it goes, the worse it becomes. In Starfield, I played half as much, but at the same time I got a fan twice as much. Boring planets? Guys, Kamon, this is space? What are you, *****, you think that flying now on other planets you will find thousands of beautiful cities there on each one? Moreover, they are created in order for the players to inhabit them. And no one forces them to forcefully investigate, this is the decision of each player. Starfold has a lot of pleasant mods, and in a couple of years it will be a completely different game, and the BG3 will remain lousy, passing and terribly boring and tedious game, where you can go to the toilet 7MU in different ways, as interesting!(No)
P.S. The best DLC, expansion or additional content – Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty – this is deserved.

Dude, my whole 3 -room hut was flooded with fat and 4 floors of neighbors from below.

Not more and no less. As in the fanbase of any game or genre. BG is not licked due.

I sympathize, this is during the game in BG3?

No, the point is that it is quite the opposite. "Adepts dnd" In the course of all the roles that have been released in the last 10 years, including from the same Larian, and for them something new and breakthrough in the BG3 is almost zero.

The masterpiece can be called this game who did not see a single role -playing role before at all. Well, or those who their viewers said about this.

I can say as a person who adores the hut for sure – too much. The thing is that people in their mass are very primitive and it is difficult for them to understand complex mechanics, a banal example – some grandmother more likely to refer to a monopoly or to a space strategy? No, of course there are grandmothers who plays all modern games, but for the most part in the monopoly. Therefore, it is massive, like a chewing house, the same as BG3. Just a chewing gum that you’ll shuffle a little and immediately want to show off.

Someone doubted? Most of the agenda where? That’s right, in Balda Gaia 3! So she will take "The game of the year", Despite everything, even if at the end of the year they come out: Half 3, GTA 6, Witmaker 4, RDR 3 and others. The agenda of Balda Gaia 3 will win all!

What kind of speech are we talking about?

Dude simply does not understand what "The story" there is simply from the absence of such g VNU as Islam and Christianity. Given the level of cultural development of the world in this game, we can draw an analogy with ancient Rome and Ancient Greece in those days such inclinations were absolutely normal aversion to the homicings of these religions in the baldar, and therefore such behavior within the norm of the world.

I have not encountered this while I myself played, probably something wrong with me and I’m not looking for a reason for myself to push myself in the game and then whine on the forums that something is wrong

Yes, and I doubt the game tied to Zoofilia so that it would be a plus or minus of the game to reward it