According to the composer Baldur’s Gate 3, now we are experiencing “Renaissance” game music

Baldur’s Gate 3 deserves all the awards that she received this year. The whole Larian team has created something truly special, and the musical score is an important part of this, regardless of whether you realize it or not. According to the composer BG3, the music in video games has always been highly valued by both players and developers, but so far this part of the game market is in the middle of the new era.

The composer and music director of Baldur’s Gate 3 Borislav Slavov says that we are now experiencing "Renaissance" In music for video games – prestigious awards, concerts of symphonic orchestras and much more help strengthen the well -deserved recognition of soundtracks, including RPG from Larian.

The last few weeks have been to me emotional American slides. Good message from a colleague -composer forced me to realize one thing – we are witnesses of a real Renaissance of music for video games. Now more than ever, it is likely that music from video games will become an independent art. Tickets for concerts of symphonic orchestras in games are bought in a matter of days. Music from your favorite games has become part of our daily life.

All this is the result of our long -term collective efforts, love and endless passion for what we are doing, colleagues -composers! Our favorite audience feels this sincere and emotional driving force. Your work is inspiring, and I am happy and proud to be one of you today. Last year, the music for video games has finally received a separate nomination for "Grammy", And since the first musicals based on video games have already appeared, I believe, there will be very little time, and we will see a tendency to create in the West End and Broadway performances based on games.

And although in 2024 for the award "Grammy" In the category "Video games and interactive media" Baldur’s Gate 3 was not nominated, this new category on the show was presented recently, in 2023.

Concert tour Stardew Valley, the tour Sonic Symphony and several magnificent performances on The Game Awards this year say that interest in music from video games has not gone anywhere. Baldur’s Gate 3 is another excellent example of how music from the game can firmly sit in our memory: the same songs sound so often that you can hum at any moment.