Wayfinder developers have told about plans to develop a game next year

Airship Syndicate plans to soon announce a large -scale addition that will add new plot content to the game.

And the team will continue to improve the technical side by working on the selection of matches, balance and overall performance. The authors admit that at the stage of development Wayfinder They are faced with many problems, but it is not planned to forget about the project.

Our vision Wayfinder was to create this game with you for a long time. Yes, when starting, we are faced with some difficulties, and we still have a lot to do. But our team still seeks to make Wayfinder magnificent, working to ensure that the game became free in 2024.

Eventide festive event will continue until January 12.

I would play, but only inaccessible 🙁

on Paid Ru will be presented to RU AKK)

As an option, but easier to wait)

This early access goes, the game will be F2P on the release, but after the publisher decided to abandon third -party projects, they are now on their own, and F2P is transferred for an indefinite period.

Crap, not a game! Pass millions of times the same locations for the sake of residents for craft, so that again the same locations will pass for the sake of experience. Fire solution (no)!

Make a game with Farframe, with their vision.

That is, it turns out?

No. The pungent itself will be more interesting, but here you have an endless passage of 5 locations for the sake "Nothing" in fact. Tetris level dynamics, gameplay of a cheap mobile phone. Well, the notorious random! For example, you need to pull out 100 defined resa, for one location (mini dungeon, if you like, about 20 minutes the fastest option) you can pull out only 6 pcs if it allows the random. But you can not get anything! And so you collected this resa, but you still need to pick up a dozen of these! Some fall from the bosses, which are balanced only under Pati. And some are sparkled as world bosses (every 2 hours), while there is no notice of the Boss Advance, it will be added only on one of the channels, and if desired, it will not work to change the channel! It all comes down to whether you are lucky or not! You can’t just farm in Varfa for more than one hour, here it is a random decide very very much! And often not in your favor (so that you stay longer in the game). Well, the cherry on the cake – the server still suffer from garbage! T.e. You could pick up the rears, but if the server "forgot" preserve progress, and at the same time you flew out, all your efforts to the cat under the tail. You lose all the experience and everything that is fired. Interesting?)

Well, it sounds so -so. Maybe it will be more interesting on the release)

They may be corrected to the release of the server. But gameplay it will not change. Over the past 5 years, this is the most important Grindel!

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