The Deep Freeze operation has received a detailed description – Ski’s trade and the new Rainbow Six Siege operative

Yesterday, Ubisoft completely revealed the new season of the popular multi -user tactical shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, called "Operation Deep Freeze".

Operation Deep Freeze will be released on live servers on November 28, and the test server will be launched tomorrow, November 13.

Of course, the lion’s share of responsibility in the new season is entrusted to the new operator – Tubaro (Tubarlace), originally from Portugal. It is equipped with a canister with liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen capable of freezing everything (or all) that it will fall. Enemies slow down and leave frozen traces.

It is interesting that the traces are visible on the ceiling under you, which means that enemies will be able to shoot at you through the floor. Gadgets will also be disconnected or suspended.

The developers also presented a new card "Lair", depicting the database of Damos.

It is interesting that in the game there will also appear bots with artificial intelligence. So far, players will be able to play in the control mode of bombs in the attack against defenders. However, in the next seasons, AI will receive more operators to choose from and will be able to play not only in defense, but also in the attack.

Full remapping of controllers will be improved in behavior when tilted, although this will happen later this season. At the entrance of a new player, some changes will also occur to the game, in particular, a function will appear to explore the cards.

We learned that the alteration of the shield was postponed to the 9th year of the 1st season, but during the operation Deep Freeze, a test server will be launched, on which players will be able to test changes.

Another function that will officially appear in the 9th season of the 1st year is MarketPlace, which will allow players to sell unnecessary skins and buy them (for loans Rainbow Six). At the same time, the beta version will be released as part of the Operation Deep Freeze, and you can register on the official website.

And the last, but no less important (or, possibly, the least important, if you are not interested in joint projects) – now two new skins in cooperation with Street Fighter 6 are available: makeup in the role of Ryu and Ying in the role of Chun Lee.

In addition, below you can see the entire broadcast that demonstrates all changes.