Larian explained why there are no sliders in the editor of the Baldur’s Gate 3 character for changing facial features

As in many other games of this genre, Baldur’s Gate 3 makes it possible to change the appearance of his character, however, the capabilities of the character editor are not the most extensive. Oddly enough, there are no sliders familiar to us in the game to change facial features, so you are forced to use presets when creating your hero.

The host artist Alena Dubrovina explained why this is not, and talked about how the character editor will help players express their personality in unexpected aspects.

"We have never done the editor of the characters [. ] especially for players, although we seem to do", – Dubrovina said in an interview with Kotaku. " First of all, with the start of development, we make it for ourselves. Since we knew that the game would be huge. They understood that there would be too many characters in it, and they understood that everyone should make each individual and be prepared for the appearance of dragonor -row or similar creatures. [. ] Therefore, we understand that if we want to offer our design, and in a year there will be 100 [characters] in the game, then our task is to prepare them to ensure that all these impressions or at least some of them look unique".

In her opinion, most of the modified characters, the creation of which players spend hours, eventually look too much. " We wanted to avoid this. And if you create sliders, you need to make them so that they are really unique and do not look the same".

The game will have 11 races, and Larian does not plan to change them in the near future. The studio tried to adhere to the history of Dungeons & Dragons, and this is reflected in the editor of the characters: for example, elves cannot have a beard, and tiery or dragon -rosary tuning for the pattern on their scales. But from the canon you can still depart to some extent, as Larian did, removing moral binding, which allowed to diversify the role -playing game.

The team very seriously approached the task of inclusion. For example, to create hairstyles for blacks, they attracted consultants and animators. Their approach to the gender is also different from the approaches of many other companies. In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can choose one of 4 physique options that are not tied to a certain floor. Moreover, there is an opportunity to choose the genitals of your character: there are several options here.

"You can choose a penis or vagina, as well as the hair on the pubis, although, given the reptile nature of the dragonorrheated, they will look a little different", – Notes Kotaku.

And the possibility of choosing here is not just like that: it will apparently appear in the game itself. According to Dubrovina, this choice is not associated with sexual scenes, but with the self -expression of players. Larian decided to create underwear as an element of equipment that can be tuned and worn, and this is part.

"Got a question: "And what will happen when you remove it?"", – she said. "At first we thought: "You know, maybe nothing will happen. Maybe we will have another linen grid under it. Who cares? But then I began to think about it, talk about it, and we realized that for some players this is just another way to imagine my identity".

But if you do not want to spend time working on your character’s intimate areas, there is an opportunity to close everything that you do not want to see. Nevertheless, it is pleasant to realize that Larian cares about such details.

"BG is very focused on your personality and ultimate imagination, where you can be anyone than you like", – she said. "And we wanted it to be presented. We believe that visual [the possibility of creating a character creates] the positive experience of the player. I noticed this on myself when I play games or when I choose which game to buy, right? I look at the characters and I want to look beautiful. I want to look fun".

You can start training in creating your ideal hero now, then to reproduce it when the BG3 will be released on August 3 to PC and September 6 to PS5, since the transfer of data from "early access" The full version of the game is impossible.