Forspoken gameplay trailer: in tanta We Trust demonstrates new spells and enemies

Paid DLC for the Forspokes from Luminous Productions, in Tanta We Trust, comes out at the end of this month and contains a new story. In it, the main character Frey Holland goes into the past of Atia and unites with Tanta Shinta, her mother, to save the world. Look at the last gameplay trailer below.

Due to the fact that Cynta travels with Freya, players get access to new movements. There are also new spells, for example, a miniature black hole that sucks the nearest enemies. The new massive beast is shown, which can become a new boss, and an ominous voice speaks of "Eclipse" and how it will lead to the destruction.

Forspoken: in tanta We Trust will be released on May 26 for PS5 and PC. Follow the news until the game is released. In the meantime, get acquainted with our viewing of the base game here. Unfortunately, sales were not very high, and yesterday Luminous Productions united with Square Enix. DLC will be the last team project.

Oh, it still moves!

So what will you move? decompose already and all. rot

It’s a pity all the same, a cool game, it is a shame that a lot of jambs have rested everything 🙁

well xs, as for me there are not so many jambs. yes they are but not critical. no more than many other games. the same witcher that before that now has hundreds of jambs.

Raw simply came out the game both in content and on optimization and by side effects and on the pace of development and in many other moments. The basis is a chic fighter, a steep parkour, an interesting world and a presentation, but they didn’t finish everything.

Listen to this, in fact, the first game with a shirt on Nekst gene from the last generation. It would be stupid to wait for it to be perfect in graph and even more so in optimization. I do not remember a single first non -staging game that on the release immediately had the norms of the grafflo without jambs, and even more so optimization. когда вообще некст ген на первых парах думал про оптимизацию? content is more than normal. To complain that it has a map Alya Jubisoft is stupid because almost all the current aaa is coming out with such cards. Witcher, Dragon Age 3, Hogwarts Heritage, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Skyrim, Joraisen. And I don’t even think this in the minus.Well, they gave you a large card with a bunch of points of interest and what? this is bad? Better at all without points of interest? or without an open world? Lord players no longer know what to do for them. Side of them, well, they also come down to collecting and collecting, so what? Someone will like this. Who doesn’t like it, let him not collect, they are side by side. Judging by three main aspects the plot of gameplay and graphlo then all the minimum at the average level and something is on the high. The plot does not dust with diversity and originality yes, the variability of the known concept is interesting. There, the first Darksiders also has a similar plot concept, and relieved normally. There were unexpected plot turns, and interesting characters, really living realistic heroes. In the same century, GG is not a brave selfless warrior who is eager to protect everyone and all without really a single reason for this, but a living person who thinks about himself first of all and puts in the first place he is not pathos eloquent ideals. gameplay is generally a glass, colorful, fast, diverse and most importantly no fucking weapon! Only for this you can put a huge plus! Graflo is a stick about the two -edges. On the one hand, yes there are strong jambs with optimization and quality on medium and weak PCs, on the other hand, on the most powerful PCs with RTX4090 and 9 Intel Core, the latest version flies and superfisher looks. And if you again consider the fact that the game is positioned as a NECT Gene Game, then it is logical that on the trim levels below the non -station, it will behave badly because it is not oriented on them. It’s how to put the insides from 5 iPhone to the case from 14 pro and wait for this monster to do everything the same as the original 14. As they say, what iron is and the game. And when at least one AAA of the release game had at least some optimization? even I don’t remember this.

So in the end we have a good game no worse than other similar.

I generally agree, I went through the whole game and enjoyed it, but there are a number of moments that are wildly annoying –

Firstly, normally the game looks only in 4k on top vidijah. I played in 2k at high – full of terrible textures. At the same time, there are a bunch of games that look in 2k on my vidaha (2080c) much better and do not slow down. This is not such a breakthrough graphony that everything is optimized like this.

Secondly, to the fig of the curves of the scenes, animations in them, etc. In general, I’ll say that part of the game that is happening in the city is disgusting to the impossibility. Stupid tasks, wretched kat scenes, nightmares of secondary characters, etc.

But all that is outside the city is generally good)

I liked the fighting, gg and bracelet, I can only find fault with the fact that the game seemed to be trimmed. They only gave you the last element – you want to play, and here the File Boss is already. That is, you go the floor of the game with 1-2 schools, a little with three and very little with 4. As if the game should be longer and a piece was cut out of it. The final is a dummy and comes as it quickly.

Well, as a result, I can say that the project has not earned the volume of the Hate that he received. The experiment is quite successful in my opinion, with the exception of a number of described moments.

regarding the fact that in the city yes, it is grayish like the color scheme of the city itself. Perhaps this was the idea of ​​developing in order to motivate players to go into the open world faster and not sit in the city. plus if you recall that the original author of the game left the company (or not I don’t know) in the early stages, then we can assume that this also played a small role in the main story location turned out to be such a spite. But I think every game has its own least pleasant location. It is a pity that the main plot location was in the Forpouken, but what to do.

Regarding Grafla, most likely the fact is that the incisions are precisely due to the fact that it is a non-Gen game and focused on the maximum settings of graphics, and more and less low resettled. They were demanded by visual non -maximum gene? They gave him. And about the optimization of weaker settings of speech graphics did not. Maybe they will correct it from DLS, who knows.

and most likely due to the same departure of the author, the plot was reduced. Plus, the meeting with Olas came out some kind of torn, and this samurai who acted instead of her boss, as if they were used as a plug so that there was at least some boss because they would not be able to correctly represent the Olas.