Developer Star Wars Outlaws: “We must do everything right, especially as for the original trilogy”

Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft have a difficult task – to create an exciting game in a cult universe. The latest interview with the director of the narrative talks about what the team paid special attention when creating the storyline of Star Wars Outlaws.

The editors of Game Informer talked with Navid Havari, director of Star Wars Outlaws, who told several interesting points about the production process. First of all, the studio seeks to maintain the authenticity of the universe "Star Wars" – In order for the quality of work to be as higher as possible, the team has established a very close relationship with Lucasfilm Games.

We maintain very close relations with Lucasfilm Games and regularly communicate with them on all issues related to our game and plot. We very much hope that Lucasfilm will provide us with an authentic game of "Star Wars", Because authenticity is a key moment. This galaxy is simply adored, so we must do everything right, especially with regard to the original trilogy.

The developer from Massive Entertainment said that the whole studio wanted to move a little from the main events familiar in the cinema – the idea was born to prepare a story about a character who is outside the big conflict and looking for its place in the world.

At the beginning of work on the plot, the idea of ​​creating a character and history, which are not part of a galactic civil war, in which empire, resistance, Jedi and Sith fighting among themselves. He was a man living on earth, a thief who, together with his companion Nicks, is trying to earn his living, turns out to be drawn into a dangerous criminal world, a reward is assigned for her head. A character with whom you can empathize, and a robber who has not yet been determined for the purpose of her life. It was very interesting for us, and then we set ourselves the task of telling the story with the eyes of Kay Vessa and make sure that we correctly understood where her journey led.