For Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines planned three extensions

Unfortunately, Vampire: The Masquarade-Bloodlines has become a victim of the production hell, which is why the cult action-RPG has been in an unemployed state, and the Troika Games developer studio closed shortly after the release of the game in 2004. However, even before the game, three extensions were planned, which was just announced by one of the creators of the game Tim Kane.

Two design of the document that Tim Kane found at home dated to the end of 2003. And as he himself recalls, he remembered only two extensions until he read them again, and did not find that the trilogy was planned. These design doks, as he says, were not completed, but they have some information about the plot ties. The first is called Vampire Bloodlines Exodus:

In Exodus, you mainly run away from what you just did in Bloodlines in Los Angeles. But you are not the only one who runs away. Apparently, Geenna is approaching, and many vampires are trying to get out. You eat in Barstou. Because yes, most likely, vampires will most likely go there and not only you are pursued. But there are already several vampires in Barstow, so the question is whether they will help you or harm you. Barstou is the place where the whole game takes place.

Another design-dog is called Vampire Bloodlines Bloodhunt and again the action takes place in Barstow when you are trying to get to Las Vegas. You get to the parking of trucks outside Barstou where you are attacking many clans that you angry in Vegas.

Only the first act was developed in this document, so perhaps it will go to Vegas later, but in this you are mainly attacked by various clans for your scam, for not doing right in Los Angeles in Bloodlines.

The document also mentions the third extension called Vampire Masquarade: Final Nights. In it you will really get to Las Vegas and all events will happen there.

Then he says that they did not go into details about what exactly would happen. Since it was first necessary to release the main game, and already against the background of the feedbacks and reviews to plan further development.

There are some plot lines, system mechanics, but since we did it a year before the game, we left a lot of things to clarify to be certain because we wanted to see what was responding to Bloodlines, as well as what mechanics can be improved, and this It is very important after you usually look at all the reviews after the release of the game and look for the common elements in them that people liked it and what is not, and this forms the basis of your next game. So both of them [design documents] are very vague. But I think it’s interesting that we made two different offers and they are both in Barstou. But we have already begun to think about continuing to continue, so we already thought in the terms of the trilogy.

At the end, Kane summed up that despite the sad fate of the game, he was glad that he could tell about it.

It’s a pity that it was not possible, but I like to think about what Dr. Susa said, namely "Do not be sad that it all ended, be happy that it happened". Bloodlines like people. People love her. It was the work of love, the creation was a difficult process, but, obviously, at some point we already thought about doing this again and, perhaps, even again. Maybe this will happen, maybe not, but I’m just glad that I keep these design documents and I can tell people about the future future.