The journalist accidentally published a review on Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty ahead of time

Push Square violated the embargo, posting a review on the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. At the time of publication, the text was removed from the site, since the embargo will officially subside only tonight. However, it was too late, he stayed in the Google cache.

The journalist praised the game and even said that it was – "Blood and wine" for Cyberpunk 2077, and this is a rather flattering rating. The observer put an assessment of 9 out of 10 points, and he spent about 30 hours on passage.

He also highlighted the main pros and cons:

  • Exciting plot points
  • Great characters
  • Fascinating missions
  • Stressed battles with bosses
  • Artistic design of locations
  • Beautiful soundtrack
  • Dynamic events
  • One of the missions is a little tightened
  • In some places the missing number of choice options in dialogs
  • Minor bugs

Phantom Liberty will be supplemented on September 26.

Well, purely by accident, by negligence, well, seriously)

Their publication was the version of PS4 at 3/10.
For Webarchive the observer even the same. It turns out that the spotlights were able to. At least for PS5 at least

And the point is to bring it a few hours before the official? Here, rather, the publication itself decided the faster of all the haypan and declare itself. And since it has positively appreciated and quite shortly, no one will sue them.

The addition of the 26th is coming out, which is written at the end of the news. So not here

and a few days before the official release.

No, the embargo is written tonight.

Another "random" drain ahead of course, of course.

Once – an accident, two – a coincidence, three – already a system. We draw conclusions.

Good DLS will be good. Everyone would do such huge DLS, and not as usual for 2 hours there is nothing.

And the addition should not be in time., Like a whole game

DLS "Blood and wine" Until now, it is considered the standard of how exactly the plot additions to the game need to be made.

I would not say that the standard, if not to tremble, then the addition is shorter than the main storyline

Everyone is better than most new DLS and addons to other games.

So they are nothing unnoticed, as well as ka and addition to blood and wine,

How I believe in all these accidents.

yeah, how, by chance)

Heated the audience here and that’s it

We wait. The main thing is not to forget to the Steam make a check of the integrity of the game files. just in case)

And that Steam did not block the purchase of DLC? or pervert again in the sense?

I calmly took it on payment without problems – like a gift.

And in more detail please.

I wrote to you in a personal

30 hours to add? Them

I won’t believe anything until I read the reviews of the players. After Starfield there is no trust in the magazines.

You have a nonsense. Only after Starfield Ahahah

Never trusted them. Just Starfield is the latest and most indicative example.

That is, Cyberpank pretended to

I found someone to count on. It is better to watch a couple of videos as others play, especially watch those videos on the platform that you are interested in and already make up your own opinions about the game.

In order not to run into this, it is enough to devote well several hours of information on the game, changes that are announced 100%. Without assessments and opinions. And make up your own.

30 hours. Get drill. This is a gift. I will first start to go through the game completely from the very beginning 2 times)))) I passed it at the exit in December and now plunge into it again))))

I’ll do it too.

Horse. And again 12 out of 10, at the tips of the fingers and blah blah blah.

Well, how else, because they made a witcher, now anyone will be 12 out of 10.

Here I will confess, although the minuses, for sure, will be flaunted. Когда вышел Киберпанк, я от всего сердца его хейтил, и чисто из принципа не покупал его. Partly due to the fact that I did not understand, I still do not understand the success of the witcher 3, and the fact that he was constantly cited as an example (well, you are watching some kind of review of the game, and there are constantly phrases, ala "Not a witcher 3, but the game is good \ bad). I still did not understand the Witcher, although I tried to play many times in many times, because with regard to the narrative, the witcher 3 is an amazing game, but as for everything else, I personally have a complete slag for me personally. I expected about the same from Cyberpan, just the trash that is trying at the expense of the Witcher, to be a good game. The story was added to the fire with intentional lies about the quality of the release version. Well, you yourself remember all this. And so, relatively recently, having convinced myself, I still played Cyberpank, and realized that this is a great game. It contains an excellent style, and the narrative, and music, and the mechanics are interesting, well, of course, the graphone, of course, is in great. And I’m glad that I got acquainted with him only a few years after the release, when he was brought to a more or less adequate state. Now I look forward to the updates to plunge into this gorgeous game, albeit not without minuses. There is a soul in it, it is clear that the SDPR tried very hard, although not everything did it.

"I still did not understand the Witcher, although I tried to play many times in many times, because with regard to the narrative, the witcher 3 is an amazing game, but as for everything else, I personally have a complete slag for me personally" I understood that you understood?

I played at the beginning of 2021, very good, but then abandoned.But the Witcher also tried to play, but not mine.But a couple of quests I went there.I remember with a half -dressing room both with the baron and his monstrous child

I am also one of those people who loves more cyber, although the witcher is also in the heart)

You can accidentally masturbate

This is one of those games that hooked me, which rarely happens unfortunately. I, like many, do not bother in games, to a graphics or a certain gaplay (it shoots wrong, jumps wrong and so on), I evaluate the atmosphere, personal immersion, plot. I accept games as they are, and not smart, as I would do and what I would like. It’s how you read the book, either you like it, or not, and not start, I would write like that, and there I would like a different turn. In general, the Witcher met at the time of release blood and wine. Before that, I did not know either the universal, and I did not hear about books, just like the game was especially. I decided to try, and as for me I need to start from the first parts. Downloaded, launched, and literally from the first minutes, I don’t know what, I hooked it. As a result, in one gulp went through and enjoy 1 part, then downloaded, the second, transferred the preservation and consequence of some solutions, followed by the 3rd part of the DLC (by the way, I liked the stone hearts more than the bed and only Odima is worth the spoon in my eye). As soon as all Vidmako Torrent Idishn passed, I immediately bought all the units in Steam, as a sign of gratitude for this adventure. And after the long expectations from the first cyberpank trailer, there was a pre -order to the disk, Xbox bought TV 4 to to enjoy it. I started playing the day after the release and patch of the first day. Since not a single critical bug has met for the whole game, he will enjoy the game in full. This was 2 game that hooked so and which went in one gulp. I wanted to double -check after the renewal for new consoles, but I never re -packed, then I thought I would recall when the renewal and release of anime was released, I also did not undertake. Now I will wait for the release of the Liberty phantom and rely first. And at the same time I will compare the game at the start and now after so much time and change. I repeat, alas, the games are rarely clinging, and it is rarely possible to plunge, enjoy the game. For example, I tried 6 times masses 6 times, and I understand that the game is cool, many praise, but not mine, not interesting does not catch. Like Skyrim, Spider man, year of her. And the list of games that was hooked in addition to the witcher and Kibera, this is the mafia 1, the Last of the AS, Dus Gon, Ancharted all the units, Detroite be a person, Girs all the units (I didn’t play in 5, alas, I already sold the XBOKO), this is from the old ones) The first part of Risen, Dragon Age 1, dear Esther.

Accidents are not accidental (c)

At the present time in the gaming industry "accidentally" nothing happens)))

Well, even minor bugs are better to wait for patches.

As Tokha Logvinov said, this is a witcher from the world fps

And then we still wait for 19 patches for this DLC

random 9 out of 10 o Lord

This is like such a joke ? The whole plot of KP . It takes more than 30 hours, it took my plot 30+ hours only in the 1st passage for the second similarly, and if you vacuum everything and everything will leave for 100+ hours

I am very happy for the fact that everything turned out well.I will be happy to pass the game again, plus this addition!)

How easy you are .

There is always someone who "accidentally" publishes such reviews ahead of time and they are always very positive))

Well, the characters were good in the main game)

Accidents are not accidental!

T.e. Passing now, now instead of ~ 70 hours it will take about 100. Well, in general, the norms.