Cyberpunk 2077 players protest against Reddit, publishing a nudity

Cyberpunk 2077 The largest subredredit has recently switched to NSFW with an explanation that the game on which it is focused is mature, filled with nudity and blood. However, Reddit allegedly demanded from the mods of Sabreddite to quickly cancel the changes. Fashion has not submitted, and now users publish naked images of game characters in protest to show why Sabredit deserves the status of NSFW.

Since May, Reddit has been at war with its users and subreddites, since the company limits the access of third -party applications to the site backend or API. And as part of this ongoing reverse reaction, some subreddites switched to NSFW. This designation is intended mainly for pornographic subredredites and blocks the appearance of advertising, but also allows users to freely place nudity and more adult content. Some mods and subreddites used this designation to deliver a response to Reddit and his despised general director. Now the Sabredit Cyberpunk 2077 has wandered into this showdown.

According to the Tabnam moderator of July 5, the decision to make the Cyberpunk 2077 NSFW has been made because the game "is the game 18+", And it happened now, because mods "Until recently, it never occurred to change it". Tabnam added that this subredredite should have already been NSFW. This solution, obviously, did not like Reddit.

Mod Code of CondUCT sent us a message, demanding that we switch back because ‘[your users] are probably confused by all NSFW content that you see’. They did not allow us to answer, so we could not explain that this is a subredredite for the game 18+, and not one of our materials changed. Until we change it back, we violate the Reddit website rules. We are not going to change it back, because it is a sexually frank game, and, in addition, they went to the ass.

As part of the continuing fight against Reddit, the Cyberpunk 2077 players began to flood the NSFW sabredite, trying to prove why the subredredite should be attributed to this category, and also to threaten the company’s finger, which continues to squeeze its community more and more, killing one in the process. From the last good parts of the Internet.

Currently, Sabredit is clogged with a nudity to failure. Some of these are taken from the game, others are a fan art or anime Edgerunns.