The new heroes of Argenta and Khokh will soon join the adventures of players in Honkai: Star Rail

While Honkai players: Star Rail are waiting for the presentation of the next update, which will take place this week, the developers delight the announcements of new characters. Hoyooverse revealed the identities of two more heroes who in the future will be able to become part of the player’s main detachment and join the fascinating adventures in the Star Express. Meet: Argent.

This time, the developers of Honkai: Star Rail introduced two characters of a 5-star rarity at once. It will not be easy to get them, but their skills will be able to have a serious impact on the entire detachment to players.

The unhappy and fragile girl from the fox people, part-time judge-practitioner of the commission of ten lords, who is afraid of ghosts, but should catch them. Due to the fact that in her tail the commission of ten, the lord is sealed by Heliobi, nicknamed the tail, she is considered a “damned”. She is afraid of all evil spirits, but still assigns a difficult task of eradicating evil spirits. He believes that he is not strong enough, but due to the fact that he cannot get courage and quit, he continues to work in fear.

The first announced character was a hunter for evil spirits. The girl specializes in the elements of the wind and follows the path of abundance. The second presented hero was the noble knight Argent. He adheres to the path of erudition and is able to apply the physical type of damage, which will make it an excellent attacking character in the detachment.

Classical Knights of Beauty Knights. Noble and honest, admirable. It wanders alone in the universe, firmly following the way of beauty. Argent’s duty – to maintain the glory of beauty. To do this, you need to act pious, and be prepared to lay down a weapon when the time comes.

The gameplay capabilities of new heroes, as well as their abilities will be disclosed later. As expected, Argenti, along with a laugh, will start through one update; Their exit will take place in patch 1.5.

Official presentation of update 1.4 for Honkai: Star Rail will take place on September 29 at 14:30 Moscow time. The release of the patch itself will take place in the middle of the next month.