The authors of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle explained why they decided to use the first -person view

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle became a show star at the recent exhibition Xbox Developer_Direct. Machinegames introduced the long -awaited adventure game with many new details and gameplayers. Of course, on the eve of the presentation of the game, many wondered whether it would be a third -person game or from the first, as is customary for Machinegames. And now the answer to this question is received.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will be primarily a first -person game, although during the scenes and some game moments (for example, when passing the environment), the camera will go back and go into a third -person view. During Developer_Direct, the developer team members explained why they decided to use the first -person view in the game and what it would give the game process.

"We have the opportunity to tell the new story of Indiana Jones for a modern game audience", – Said the senior designer of the narrative Edward Curtis Six. "In our game, we want to put you in the place of indie, let you see and feel what he sees and feels. For us, Machinegames, this is best done in the first person. This is an ideal prospect to immerse you in a rich, exciting and interactive world that we created. We believe that a close and personal attitude to adventure is the key to that each action is perceived as your own".

Kinematographic producer Mitra Ashkan Farm added: "Whether it is a whip of a whip, the solution of puzzles in ancient temples or the type of bloodied knuckles in the brawl – all these moments are much more rich in the first person. But we still want you to see its cult silhouette in a hat and a whip at these moments, therefore, for such moments as scenes and the passage of the environment, we take the camera back to get a third -party view".

In the official Bethesda blog, the design director of Jens Andersson said: "Our game is about how to put you in the place of a cult hero. Since we do this mainly from the first person, you have a chance to really become indie. From the first person you become part of this world, which allows you to explore and feel more and more close. What will you do when you are thrown into this adventure with your mind and whip? The world of Indiana Jones is a world with riddles behind every angle where you rush ramps over time and overwhelm your enemies, tracking the artifacts".

Meanwhile, it was confirmed that although the game uses the image of Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones will play Troy Baker in it. It also became known that the game will receive a text translation into English.