Gamesvoice introduced the third diary of Russian localization Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Gamesvoice continues to work on the unofficial English voice acting Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, regularly providing process updates. This time with fans shared the third localization diary.

In this video, we once again go through the performers of key roles, which were described in detail in past issues, and also introduce you to new ones – no less significant. We are often asked to release reports about the work done – consider this one of them.

The collection of funds for the creation of the English version of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ended on September 14, and the final amount exceeded 1.8 million rubles. The project is currently under intensive work.

Unfortunately I have already passed, the second time I will not.

In this part, there is also a lot of useless?

The voice acts of this studio are so cool, as if you were watching a film here for you and the emotions of the characters, etc. Always at the level

Now I am interpreting the first time. There will be a good reason to go through the game again (maybe by this time, the costume of Revan will be finished to normal. The current version is significantly inferior in quality of the one that was in the first part).

Well, as optimization?

In general, even on the old assembly, it is quite playable (in my profile).. But of course, as with Starfield and Robokop, there are already serious subsidence of the FPS.

But I go on a new laptop with 4070. On the maximum shoes, the game is generally transformed * _ * but the laptop does not pull the maximum anymore..

Serious drawdowns on the old assembly begin when you go out to open scope. Actually because of this, he reinstalled the game on the laptop.

I did screenshots on a PC. I can throw it from the laptop later. Generally the game is very beautiful and exciting, for me it is almost the game of the year t.To. She really caused positive emotions (although here make a discount on the fact that I am a fan of star wars. Maybe you won’t come in).

For 100 hours and about 20% of the plot remained. But I try to collect everything and go through all additional trials. In general, I tried to take the first part approximately the same, but there is the duration of the passage for about 20 hours.

But if we talk about expectations, I expected a little more (bias towards RPG, more quests, as well as a local currency system (loans). Of course there is something like shops where you can exchange the resources found, but this is not the case. You change the things found to other things – these are perks or cosmetics and clothes). In general, the step forward is certainly taken, but it could be more. I do not consider filling the game with large locations progress, this should have been in the first part. And in the second locations I would like even more (more planets). But okay.. This is no longer a topic πŸ™‚