Square Enix revealed the exact sales of the Final Fantasy 16 – this is not a series of series, but a great start

We recently witnessed the global launch of the expected new part of Final Fantasy. Despite some skepticism around the project, it turned out to be more than successful. This is evidenced by official information from Square Enix, which has disclosed the exact data on the sales of Final Fantasy 16. During the first days, the role -playing action was able to conquer world sales charts and disperse 3 million copies with a circulation.

According to Square Enix, it took only six days to overcome 3 million copies of Final Fantasy 16, which is an excellent result for a project of this level of only PS5. Game sales data took into account the shipments of physical publications and digital purchases starting from the day of release.

This is a good result for Square Enix, which was predicted by analysts, but it has not yet become record. For comparison, the sales of the Final Fantasy 7 remake for a similar premiere period amounted to 3.5 million copies, and the Final Fantasy 15 was at one time sold in a circulation of 5 million. Final Fantasy 16 has every chance to go around their predecessors in the long run.

Well, after BG3, probably the second place is behind her, SF6 is unlikely to be given.

BG3 Purely computer game, console people do not really like this and will not give Gotie.

Current. The consolers did not see step -by -step games in the eyes. As if there were no 12 finals in this style.

A huge difference between JRPG and the isometric RPG of the old school, if the first is in demand, but still not very high, outside of Japan, then the second play only on the PC, even at the masterpiece divinity the original Sin 2 The main sales were on PC.

Where she fell in sales, and Larian almost collapsed again. I love a series of Divinity, but she almost killed the company. Someone clearly pumped good luck. Of course, I am glad that the gates of the Balda were given to make them, but it would be better to leave the fighting to the series for the series.

Expanded publication 9k, which is more expensive this time than usual, 3k per additional cover, style and card clearly overkill.

And I would immediately go to the PC, sales about what would be. Buratino’s evil pins without belief.

So what’s the problem? It will go to the PC, I think in April-May next year, although if something goes wrong in the fall. The way out is delayed does not affect sales as such. FF7 R was sold well on the bee, although he went out with great delay

Not bad how much? I doubt very much that the console version is better.

And what is the difference is better or not? Enough for the publisher to like the profit, otherwise the ports would not have done. And the stamps of the ports generally made all their finals on the bee for a reason.

PC is coming from everyone now according to the residual principle. Like “Well, suddenly someone will buy”. This is visible both in terms of ports and their exit dates.

Normal start. Many games have not been gaining so many in a few years.

But the payment for temporary exclusivity from Sony does not cover the costs of low sales? If a high sales indicator is important, then you need to release immediately to PC and Xbox. If possible, paste out somehow on Switch and fit under Steam Deck.

Switch exactly by, it will not fit, even on the PS5 with a creak of a huge. It is extremely unlikely on SteamDeck, there will not be enough power even at 30FPS in 720p. Unless with fierce FSR, but still weakly believed. Well, 3 million in 6 days is not low sales, for JRPG a great start. In addition, the release after 8-9 months on a PC will give additional sales in any case, especially taking into account the fact that the project for the first time in a long time has high-quality stamps and without a agenda at all.

It’s about Square Enix. Guys who called the sales of the Tomb Raider restart is not satisfactory, although several million copies were sold. What is an impressive figure for you, for others – disappointment.

On Switch to push through some crutch if desired you can. You can look at Resident Evil. Say that Steam Deck will not pull, the same stupid. There would be a desire and the necessary specialists, then the game could be sharpened through optimization.

P.S. And let me remind you, we are talking about the main mastodont of the beasts – Final Fantasy. Their expectations were clearly released, since the same FF 7 Remake was able to disperse into 3.5 million in three days. FF XV had 5 million for a day., Only she went out both on PS4 and Xbox One.

FF7 has a huge fanbase, it is considered, if not the best, then one of the best parts of the series, the 16th was a purely dark horse after a very dubious 15th and Forspoken in people confidence in the starlings fell. This is not counting the fact that they ceased to be officially sold in most of the CIS countries. Only a cloud game is possible for a switch, but the starlings will not go. and to optimize for declining? Remove the vegetation and the range of drawing at point blank range? Normal developers will not want to disfigure their brainchild like that. How to relent on a PC, we see how much the FPS will be there, I put on complete incidents.

Mmm, I thought a game without a summons, in the starlings then. Mdaaa. And then two men sucked out of the blue.

Unfortunately, the beasts have a long time "Ethics Department". So the good old days, when female characters were beautiful and sexy, and male characters were men, gradually leave. So far, everything is not so launched as that of Western developers, but as they say – "The ice started".

About Steam Deck. You too much underestimate this device. Of course, the picture will not be like a PC assembly from 4090 on board, but the picture on a small screen will be quite suitable. See the comparison of Steam Deck from Sony. Why exactly from Sony? Because now there are extremely few publishers who are ready to invest in the graphone and the development of details. Yes, and the same God of War, Days Gone and Spider-Man are well optimized.

The Batman Arkham trilogy will still be thrown to Switch. The games have not yet been released, but it is interesting how Batman Arkham Knight will work, which still looks great.

About the market of the English Federation and Belarus. I strongly doubt that there will be a critical subsidence of sales due to the fact that the market of the English Federation and Belarus they rejected. Console versions everyone who wants to still buy in other countries, which will only once again prove with statistics that these markets are not critical, and PC versions of FF are not known how well they diverge.