The Dust spoke about plans for the coming months of this year, reminding us of the imminent output of The Inquisitor

The Dust spoke about her plans for 2024. In addition to fresh information, a reminder of the imminent output of The Inquisitor sounded.

The Inquisitor will be a little more than a month later – the latest development of The Dust studio, based on Jack Picar’s novels, which are part of the so -called inquisitorial series. The publisher did not postpone the date of the debut of this game, and players will be able to play the Inquisitor, as planned, that is, on February 8 on the PC, as well as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

It is worth emphasizing that the game was completed more than a month before the release. Right now, the team is working on the first update that will be released when starting. We are very pleased with the progress achieved by the production team in the last quarter. In graphic terms, the game received a very significant improvement after the introduction of H-TRACE. We are convinced that everyone who played the demo version of the game will see a significant difference. The optimization indicated by the players was also improved. We are convinced that this element will also pleasantly surprise players on the day of the premiere.

In addition to The Inquisitor, the mountains are not far off and the release. Another studio from The Dust Group, Game Island is responsible for this game. According to the general director Yakub Wolf, the game will be released on the PC in the first quarter of this year.

The game will be released at the PC in early access, and at the end of the first half of the year we intend to leave the EA phase and publish the game as a full release. Currently, the team intensively works on the balance of the game and polishes the Co-OP system, which, according to the developers, will already be available in the version of early access.

It is likely that after the release of the aforementioned games The Dust will report additional details about new projects.

  • In the first half of the year we will learn details about two games under the code names Project Hammer and Project Sword.
  • We will also learn more about the projects of recently -based studios Perfect Circle and Garage Monkeys.
  • In addition, the company wants to analyze its previous decisions and completed projects. The Dust also plans to learn from cooperation with third -party publishers.

We assume that 2024 will be more complicated than the last 2023, so we are already taking measures within the group that will really bring production and commercial benefits, taking into account strategic assumptions.