A large -scale open world in the intriguing trailer Crimson Desert from Pearl Abyss

Pearl Abyss Studio has finally returned to our information space its ambitious role action Crimson Desert. The world of the game is based on gloomy fantasy-world multiplayer Black Desert, and now we can see the legendary continent with its inhabitants. As part of the Opening Night Live event, the developers presented the new Crimson Desert trailer with spectacular personnel.

Judging by the demonstration, the developers showed real personnel of the Crimson Desert game process. In a published video, you can see a study of the open world where you can engage in a variety of activities. You will find fights with ancient monsters, epic battles with knights, tasks, and tests. And if you get tired of using a horse, a huge world will help explore the skill of flight.

In Crimson Desert, players will move to the gloomy medieval world, which is under the eternal oppression of ongoing wars and legendary monsters. The fate of the protagonist will be closely connected with the events on the continent Pave, where a real struggle for survival will unfold. Your disposal will have weapons of various eras: swords, axes, guns, guns, as well as majestic alchemy, capable of strengthening your effectiveness. What a warrior you will become, depends only on you, your weapon and combat strategy.

Pavel is vast. Here you are waiting for the harsh edge of the eternal permafrost by KwIDEN, a lifeless desert and spacious plains of Akafen. The nature of each of the regions is unique and beautiful, but not every region can boast of fertile lands. Dirty lane, foster halls with tables breaking from fat, bustle and abuse of bazaar areas ..

Crimson Desert is created for a new generation PC and consoles. While the project has no release date.

It looks too cool

they have been stuffed in everything, the main thing is that it all works fine

and in their previous game, an oversupply of all sorts of rotten mechanics, the hike will turn out again

The past did not play and did not hear, but this one is good.

sucks is overwhelmed

In normal quality!

Again without a date. Straightly old -ized from the world of fantasy.

These are not asking for donations)) by the way about birds. Where are star citizens?

Citizens scattered who where.
In addition, this year, the Starfield project entered orbit, from the Hizard. It implements a lot of what Starsitizen swung on.
Well, let’s see what they did there in the end.

They mixed it all)))

Witcher, Skurim, Dogma, RDR2

Dream fantasy, it turns out)

For some reason I see the mechanics of BDO and Assassin

I also noticed traces from many projects. Both game and book. We hope that this will work harmoniously and balanced.

so these are BDO

Will a new mass franchise come out?! (I understand that it is written and made on the existing Black Desert), but here you feel the potential to become successful for a mass user. Personally, I am optimistic.

Koreans hammers, announced a couple of testing projects, plus this. it will be a thing if they release.

I wonder what they have yet announced?

I didn’t remember some action movie, I also remember, also TPS, in the style of Korean films on this topic. looked cool in Tizer. In the 24th they promised. meat, blood, dismemberment. How we love. And they promised a deep plot. By the way, their films are credible, militants. Type "Raid" Not Korean but Indonesian) bloodsheaaaaa) I highly recommend viewing. Do not let children and pregnant women. Overflow Asian tin. "Judge DRED" With Urban, they torn from this film)

Thank you for the answer, I’ll try to look now.

Consisted. Film `s name "Raid" Indonesia. Be sure to scan) "Tower" also good, but not that)

Looks like Dragon’s Dogma

And really intriguing. There are so many eyes: RDR (hijacking the carts), Dogma Dragon (climbing bosses), asasin (crawling along the walls), shadow of Mordor, Sekiro, in the last frames in general, the fall of Zelda spent the fall. as written below looks too cool.

I already want to play it) here you are Skyrim and the Witcher and Assassin Creed and a lot of everything.

Witcher + PDR2 + GOST TSUSIMA + Assassins. Norms, I will play)))

Forgot to finish "+ Forza Motorsport + Warcraft 3"

Tetris, GTA, Stone Simulator

It looks top, but we know that trailers lie)

Damn and the trailer is right.

yes, too fucked up to be true)) let’s see.

If you’re talking about Black Desert, then probably none of those present played in it. This is a purely network game. And this same -sex. Two big differences. I think there will be a bomb.

This trailer really calls UAU effect)

Suddenly a dream game will really come out. I want to hope that the variety of classes and skills will be greater, and not just a thyroid gland with onions. I hope there will be magic classes.

Even for purely demonstration – it looks more than cool. The number of different mechanics just rolls over.

But this is just a trailer that we get at the exit we will find out at the exit.

If it is MMO, then in the point

It looks straight ukhhh.

Your character will be possible to create or will be preinstalled?

like a witcher 3. Everything explodes. You drift on a horse. когда мужик на коне с горы я подумал что из него сейчас парашют выскочит

In short BDO-2, just not online we are waiting for the first star

I hope they finally determined what kind of game it would be and now it is really single

Kuya Skyrim.

It looks very interesting.

This is what about some magicians!?) It seems like that, you can even try)

lol. The omitives underestimated

I corrected you a rating, bro

I declare you husband and husband

Oh, we have been waiting for this for 3 years after the old trailer, and it seems not in vain.

They have interesting temperatures from 6 to 50 there (. ) degrees without any external visual change. Question: And what for it is needed then? Lazy to explain what such fluctuations for the surrounding nature are fraught with.

If there is a bunch of customization, beautiful NPS, beautiful characters, cool battleship, parkour, exciting missions and tasks in combat with really pleasant graphics and convenient management), then we clearly play it) a la witcher)

Assassin’s Creed Part 101) And the most interesting thing is not Render but really game.

So far, the only thing that has hooked since the beginning of Gamescom. Let’s see what will happen next.

Todd Howard would appreciate fishing))

competitor take a campaign)) with the plot it is really not clear yet.

It looks like a bomb! ))

It looks beautiful, sorry only the game inherited a little either the contrast, or blukers, or lighting from the BDO, because of which it was impossible to play.

As it seemed from past trailers, the game is more mundane and low magic. In principle, norms. It is better that she is either a fire or she was not.

And the gameplay looks rich: beadjamping, flight/planning, pole jumps (stupid, but cool), climbing monsters, fishing (MB in general, first -person view), horse riding.

Here you can immediately see the Asian game on three punts:
– Battle Physics as in the Hong Kong action movie. Hit once, and the body flies, somersaults, dramatizes. There is simply no weight in the bodies. Plus choriography of the battles – super dexterous, very cinematic, but not "Physical".
– Asian beauties. In addition to the Asians themselves, no one does them anymore.
– Some plastic surroundings. Everything is licked – environment, NPC, lighting. But in particular plastic in animations. Not felt, again, the weight is nowhere. That you are running on a horse, that you just walk on foot.

And usually, the Asians have very beautiful trailers, just looking at. Ashfall is an example. But the game is mediocre, very. Let’s see what comes out. There is not very much trust yet, as it looks too promising and it can turn out 2 options – something mega is cool and for centuries, as the same MHW turned out to be (I love this game), and complete crap. Here you will not even guess until you feel the game yourself.

Looks like my dreams at a temperature of 40 degrees. They would also have added the opportunity to marry and make children, and other games are not needed anymore

There is no creation of the character

As far as I know the previous projects of PERL ABISS, the emphasis is on all kinds of "beauty" – landscapes, special effects and more. This of course, everything is very cool. But here, at the same time, there is no physics, the interaction of virtual models often simply does not have any logic, then the character falls through the textures, then it ends at all, interaction with "landscape" NPS is simply monstrous, or no (then everyone passes through each other, your character stumbles everywhere and clings to the bumps and this is in games that are five to six years old), when the character is quickly moving along the locations, a long-term loading of the environment, always beautiful insert rollers to the game, but at the same time, the monster is already mutus you with might and main and you look at you for another minute "movie" And you can’t do anything about it.

Pearls did nothing yet except online games designed for donat (when buying various decorations – shmotki, furniture and other model tinsel). I understand the desire of the owners of such crafts – to do something really worthwhile. This desire is worthy of all incentives. But this company did not yet have experience in such matters.

I would like to hope that there will be no problems and bugs of their online toys in Crimsus, but it is hard to believe.

But the most important trouble of Koreans (and not only pearls) is infinitely tedious text dialogs and an incredibly weak and boring plot. Cuckaceous, some, – "domestic". No real feelings, one plasticine gum sweetened by external beauties. Such products remind me of expensive coffins that shine on the outside with varnish and gold, and inside are filled with bones and ashes. Do not touch, do not take for the living.

For this reason, I have no doubt that the Koreans have all the technical capabilities to do something similar to Skyrim and the last (extreme?) Witcher. But what are they able to make a game with the script as interesting as the same witcher, I have great doubts.