On the official website s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl appeared information about the transfer to 2024

When information about the date of the release of Stalker 2 (December 1) appeared in the Plaion Store store, the fans hoped that it would be true. After all, the last word of the developer GSC Game World was December 2023, which is still on the Steam page.

Moreover, the fact that the game will be presented at the Gamescom 2023 exhibition gave the leak of information about the release date of even greater value. However, when the Opening Night Live did not present a trailer with the release date at Jeff Kili, many realized that, most likely, we were talking about a delay.

This was confirmed in the updated press Kita on the official website: Stalker 2 output on PC and Xbox Series S | X scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. (The version for PlayStation 5 is likely to be released in the second quarter, given the known three -month exclusivity window obtained by Microsoft). The press kita also reports that preliminary orders are already accepted on the site, in Steam and GOG.

The updated Stalker 2 press kita also gives the following details about the game:

  • The unique combination of a first -person shooter, an exciting simulator and horror returns. Immerse yourself in a skillfully detailed open world, accompanied by a new generation graphics and a rich narrative – all this is shrouded in a tense atmosphere of a deadly adventure. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2:
  • Heart of Chornobyl is the top of experience s.T.A.L.K.E.R. With a unique, original world and history, which is formed under the influence of the choice of a player.
  • Play the main role in an extensive cinematic story unfolding in the local post-apocalyptic gloomy science fiction landscape.
  • Evaluate a unique gameplay that includes the elements of the first -person shooter, an exciting simulator and horror.
  • Survival mechanics based on the search for necessary and valuable items: food, drinks, medicines, to survive in harsh conditions, under the conditions of (not) natural dangers and hostile local residents.
  • Shed light on the gloomy secrets of these lands, hunt mutants and examine mysterious anomalies in search of valuable artifacts that can change the course of the game.
  • Try to survive in tactical shootings with various opponents and more than 30 weapons models that you can modernize and configure.
  • Evaluate the reference graphics on the Unreal Engine 5 engine

1. Throw the country – check.

2. Take the money from MIKs Money – check.

3. To drink lavender raf on this cache – check.

4. Throw Belarusov with fees – check.

5. Release fake trailer – check.

6. Finish the game – /

6. Finish the bivon demon under the gamest –

Throw a byte on NFT – check.

Get a lule from English!

tumble on drones and minute PID..ROV-check. What about the face, Ivan? Like the weather in Maaskva, flying?

The main thing is not to buy this crap.

And I bought to help them with support, at least somehow I will help Ukrainians in the current situation.

Oh no, the beggar Vanya will not buy a stalker, what to do

Agree. Buy GSC products – do not respect yourself!

So far there were no interdicts, only your parents knew that you were a fool🤣

Because I’m for Ukraine?

Zhdalker 2: We are true to traditions!

Ha. The campaign Grigorovich received a real kick from Microsoft and Phil Spencer. Only T -shirts for the campaign have not yet fully understood with whom they contacted. Naturally, there can be no release in the first quarter of 2024, Spencer hopes for the 3-4th quarter, naive.

Most likely the output will be in early 2025, this is the most obvious scenario

Yes, they have there as in the zone – normal physicists do not work)

Do not rush, let’s in 2 years, I personally do not hurry at all.

Grigovich gave an interview in style "that you sho, you have not understood us so".

"The head of the GSC Game World studio Evgeny Grigorovich gave a short interview to the journalist of the IGN publication. Below are the main theses:

Now the developers are carefully listening to the reviews of the players who have tried demo version. It is important for them to see whether the project justifies the expectations with which visitors are approaching the GSC stand. Unfortunately, most players have already created their own image s in their heads.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 and he does not agree with what they see on the screen. But those who forget about their expectations and look at s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 just as for another game, they enjoy."

Well, actually it is clear that next. They will say that this counteranist, ugh stalker, is not quite real, and the real one will only be ahead.

As I understand it, in their heads, the image arising from the first part and additions, it turns out the second part of the lovers of the first will disappoint.

And for a long time Grigorovich changed the name?

He gave his brother a company for his birthday)

Ahaha … hello to everyone who pretended it 2 years ago: D

IIIIII, they seemed to be ordered at a profitable course, right now, if you pretend, it will be much more expensive, and later it can become at all possible and even more expensive, as if it would have been ordered and everything will come out and fight, Steam will return the money. and the money as the wallet will be on the steam, it will be possible to buy something else and everything is the same at a favorable rate, since the replenishment of Skim is more expensive in the course and more expensive, only the broken fanatics suffer from the game every day and cannot live without it, And people simply took the norms and scored until the game is released, so your smirk is unconscious and shows how you envy the campaign or any reason, but it is definitely bad for you, and not to those who pretended

I don’t know about the winnings, but how much brains you need to have to give money to these empty -bearers that are constantly lying, I’m not talking about the fact that the GSC has long overlaid a large pile of fans and the English -language community.

If someone really will be unbearable to play right at the start if this division someday will come out anyway, no one interferes with the activation for several hundred, but certainly it is not worth sponsoring this rotten office.

I can’t understand one thing, why do you always climb into the personal life of everyone and try to tell them where and how to spend money, look at your wallet, there is no one to see in a stranger who wants to spend their personal money, who wants to go there where And he invests his personal money, it looks like envy of lack of money and the gaping of bile towards people who have money and have the opportunity to spend it more liberatedly, unlike you, they are already accurately on where you spend money and how you spend money, and On the contrary, you climb into a strange wallet with your impositions and bile, I personally want it that I pre -challenge, I want to put a big and fat on your opinion, exaggerate and write to myself not to forget not to get into your business. And so, of course, as you want for health, the bile with you are like that, the rest is just funny to watch the broken people and sometimes answer them.

I can’t understand one thing, why do you always climb into your personal life and try to tell them where and how to spend money

I don’t understand where you saw at all that I told you how to spend your money, spend it as you think it was necessary for me to be a light bulb, I just wrote what to write about some winning extremely stupid considering everything that is known about the development of the game and GSC.

The bile is like that, the rest are just funny to watch the broken people and sometimes they answer.

In what place did you see some kind of jel from me, I wrote only facts about that empty -bearer from the GSC constantly lying (at least a little study the history of this office, about the Glavo Stalker 2 2012) and have long gone on English -speaking fountains, and without the English language this not a stalker, so they get only what they strive for.

And I tell you this as a fan of the stalker trilogy, I play with great pleasure in a huge number of global modifications.

Yes, I will somehow put on the game, I will go out, I’m not waiting, I’m about the fact that I personally explain on my experience to the one who climbs into the wallet of others who pretending to laugh at them, that pre -order it is not bad for those who decided to do it, that there is, which is The pluses and pre -order is made only by those who see any plus in this, because after the exit or on the day of exit or a minute before the release you can always buy the game, so to say that those who pre -ordered some losers are stupid, the one who pretended to know that the game proven from this It will not work faster, but simply invested money with his personal benefit for himself personally, that’s the whole essence of pre -order .And I will say to those who are hollowing an insight and how I spend money I take pre -orders for what I like, for those games that I want to cut without delay immediately after exit, do not sit and do not hope that they will not put Dunya there and have to wait a week or a month or a year To hack this or that game, and on the personal fact it was revealed that because of unstable falling courses, the currencies are more profitable to take as soon as possible, then it will be more expensive, plus the money is always where to spend, because you will not save and not steal and spend on the game you obviously do not steam in advance and how the game will come out immediately playing without looking at whether you can buy a game, whether it is profitable to buy it at the current course, because if you are going to buy the game and is sure of this completely, what is the difference to keep the money until the last moment that can be held that And do not come, you are making a purchase knowingly in advance, on the day of the release you get the game,And most importantly, only those who are confident in the game by their needs and intraants do pre -orders, if they do it without confidence, then I do not relate to such and their logic of pre -orders is not known to me. And so I lay down on everything big and fat, laid down and I will lay down in the framework of decency.

Phaha, here is meager!

Ash a stump that they will be postponed, then they will move it, I don’t see the point of waiting for this hat anymore!

How was it readable), now we are waiting for the memes for exactly about Zhdalker for 2 several weeks, I am not once surprised from them, why then the date is assigned to transfer it again, it would not be clearly postponed for 1-2 years, as they were already doing, there was no bubny ! They do not do it beautifully (

They opened pre -orders in 2021. It seems after the show Mikov in the summer if my memory does not cheat on me

Without the release date, investors swear)

The path is tolerate for five years at once, otherwise they are tired when they do it every six months. I am more surprised that they have not yet been banned in Steam, for 2 years they collect money for pre -orders. There is a maximum of six months or a year

Probably waiting for when they laugh not only over Brekhulker 2, but also above them.

– Stage graphics on Unreal Engine 5

If someone did not know, then the pre-order can be returned: XD

Ahahahaha, well, who would doubt)))

I won’t even buy this product. After watering the players G*VN, let them play it themselves. Maximum torrent Edishn and that is unlikely. These comrades ate ok*ate.

And what kind of “official site” we are talking about? I just watched “https: // www.Stalker2.COM/RU ”and there is still 23 years written .. 🤷🏻 Alexander

And in Steam still 23 ..

Presentation s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 as part of Gamescom will only be tomorrow. Vangu that it is then that they announce the transfer.

Thought better of it and decided to return the English language?

I see, eternal transfer

Well, who would doubt it.

The first stalker turned out to be successful in the CIS countries at the expense of a coloring atmosphere close in spirit, well, that then there were not many games then "domestic" developers. Well, there was a point to wait. Now Grigorovich was at the end stubbornly and thinks that he will ride with the cut and the kukan after all the transfer and insults to the fans of the universe and ordinary players.

PS I have a game in Steam from the very time when they threw a pre -order in 2021, but this will not prevent me from sharing a game with other people who pay their Internet

In general, he himself said that he would introduce a negative agenda about us there, so everything is quite vague about the close in the spirit of the atmosphere

And the meaning? Steim’s version will be Lmoana due to the steam protection, and there will be a version from Gogh where there is no protection at all

meaning to help other people get acquainted with the product, since there is often no one on the distributions

Every year they transfer to the following, but the tendency!

It is not surprising, the insiders used to leak out that the transfer would be, and these dumbasses of the GSK still asked not to believe, they say nonsense, so they are rubbed in Kukuev and rub them with everyone.