The first trailer and details of the World of Warcraft: The War Within

Without giving a respite to fans, following the announcement of the beginning of the new plot arch of The World Soul Saga, a trailer for the first addition of this cycle called The War Within was shown.

The addition comes next year. Players have to enter the battle with ancient darkness, the age of which may not be remembered even by the oldest of the elves of Azerot. The civilization of NRUB, mysterious and hiding in the depths of the world, will again raise its head.

There are few details about the new addition, but this is what sounded from the scene of the event:

  • The hero’s talents affect classes, for example, you can become a shaman-visible as in Warcraft 3.
  • The War Within action takes place underground, although the locations look incredibly diverse, there are also aboveground areas.
  • Earth Dvorfs – a new allied race for both factions.
  • The focus is the kingdom of Neprub and the gnomes.
  • The story rotates around Xal’atat, which the players met in the battle for Azerot.
  • Drinks are a new function that allows you to turn your pool of alternative characters into a common pool of transmogritic, bank and resources.

Thanks for the bearded women.

Who has what hurts. I didn’t even notice this)

Well, you can drive there, I have nothing against. WWII gradually degrades purely from year to year, making changes to the basic ENT game, which has been built for decades and coming to this. It hurts me for me for the WWII, but I can’t indicate another step into the bottom. In the same overwatch, suddenly all female characters began to be not pretty, but they presented at the near infinity of a sexualized male character. Funny and nothing more, and the blits can not understand what they already have over the last additions in Vova, an overwhelming activity falls, I will just keep silent. Well, it is worth noting separately that the current close -up crisis of ideas. Moreover, such a specific crisis, they can not do anything good only spoil their legacy and mock the past, which is why they lost the lion’s share of fans besides their position of the game outside the policy, when the scandal with the Hartstone tournament has been defeated, but now we see very well how games Outside of the policy that they opened the donates in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and how they act with users in the English Federation to purchase their games

So most on pirate servers play. And where is the beard? When creating a character, in the settings, you can remove this beard.

I double for the ENT, books to all this bacchanalia (parallel worlds) were nothing.

He has been dying for 15 years, starting with the face of King. Ourselves are not tired of whining?

The budget synematics went to the golden parachute for the cat😆

The game can no longer be bought in UK.

It is impossible to buy or give a RACK. Why is this news then in the English Federation?

Office p. OV holds his players for p. Ov

I did not know that the 3rd day "The world of shitcraft"!

Not offended by fans, rather this is a banal pickup. But why is such a graphon the game is all -erected. There are years, the game is paid, the breeds do not poor. Only occasionally the textures change, they cannot pull it up to intelligible quality standards. The game looks visually as a free non -nuclear hut online.

Well, this is the same visual style that has been stretching since 3 Warcraft

I see two reasons. First: this is still MMO and the game should work for the maximum number of users, so you have to optimize everything that can be. Second: the first Secondary War came out when? Of course, the graphone has been pulled out since its time, but you probably won’t make cardinal changes in it, only update, and no one will transfer such a huge game to a new engine

The game looked good on Shadowlands, Bfa, Legion and past additions. Now, as if the art design has been dumbfounded, stopped bothering to squeeze out a good graphone. Probably they just cut off the budgets on new addons, due to the number of projects near the development

You have long been launched by Neverwinter? I’m the day before yesterday. This is not standing nearby with the Second World War. With the count of the game, everything was OK to the DF, until the models of characters and monsters began to do "rubber", T.To. The new team of non -bureaids pierced the entire visual style

They didn’t cut anything, and even if they had cut it off, it didn’t, just that, just had old develops, drove a lot / left, it is especially noticeable in the DF, they now take the visual style from Hertztone, all the same talked and cute, rubber dragon They have mobs with smoothed textures, etc.

As I expected. nothing new. There will be the same shos, the same dragonflai, only the wrapper was changed. Prepare your money for dubious content.

And I am the wife of centaurs, salvation will wait for the world.. Gay. Bearded women. And one DLK cut and will be sold as 3. Cute.

The abyss it returned :()

And yet it is amazing how, despite this age of Vovka, it lives on and develops, as if someone wanted to create Skyrim with all the mods of nexus at the same time)))

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