The construction simulator of the Kingdom of Noble Fates was updated by Dwarven Domain with gnomes, terraforming and others

Xobermon LLC, developer and publisher of video games. released his last update for a three -dimensional fantasy simulator of the construction of the Kingdom of Noble Fates. In the update of Dwarven Domain, we meet gnomes that are gifted miners and artisans. Dwarves opened extensive underground caves, magic mushrooms, a new type of monsters called Rod and Terraforming to give the landscape a shape at your desire.

  • Dwarves: smaller mortals, which have a lot of vegetation in the form of backed, eyebrows and beards on the face. Dwarves live for a long time and are experienced miners and artisans.
  • Caves: Find and examine new underground caves. These vast spaces make it possible to create and own individual underground buildings.
  • Underground flora: Caves are a home for magic underground mushrooms, known as frosty hats. Use the power of these magic mushrooms so that your people remain cool. Do not overdo it with their collection, otherwise their fragile ecosystem will collapse.
  • Fauna: too much time alone with frosty hats led to the fact that the fallen ancestors turned into otherworldly animals named Kin. Disturb their mounds and fight with their anger!
  • Terraforming: Dwarves now have a common ability to form a landscape. Do not see a mountain worthy of your castle? Make your own.
  • Temperature: temperature now plays an important role for both happiness and survival. Use stable underground temperature to avoid extreme weather phenomena. Do not forget about the production of food and their storage in the refrigerator, since the products are now decomposed faster.
  • Ventilation holes: move heat and smoke between the rooms. Costry pits are an excellent early heat source in the room.
  • Cools: Provide the freezer for ice hats so that the nobles are cool in hot summer.
  • Exhaust pipes: gnomes invented bronze exhaust pipes to remove smoke from underground structures, without sacrificing their valuable warmth.
  • Gnomium moonshine: Dwarves presented many new methods of alcohol production – make it almost from anything.

Inspired by the depth and fun of Rimworld and a brutal clash of ambitions, intrigues and violence from Game of Thrones, Noble Fates offers players to build a kingdom worthy of strong recognition. Build, create, grow, get, hunt, protect and even command from the sky. Your story goes to where people lead it, your actions and their reactions.