The creators of Days Gone have developed a special design design for Spider-Man 2

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 there will be several costumes created by PlayStation developers, but after the State of Play, one of them attracted special attention. Kevin Makalister, the commander-manager Bend Studio (Days Gone), was glad to appear on the hero’s costume network and said that he was created by his team.

Tactical costume is the work of Joel Mandisha and Darren Kvach, Bend designers, they drew inspiration in Japanese culture in search of something more futuristic for traveling through New York. Evaluate how it looks below:

In addition, in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, other works of famous designers and studios PlayStation will appear.

Apunkalyptic costume – designed by Gerad Maranz: inspired by a low -tech design, which shows what Peter Parker is capable of with limited resources.

STONE Monkey costume – developed by Victoria Young. Inspired by Chinese legends, it is distinguished by its acrobatic and mischievous design. Practical and elegant.

Aurantia costume – developed by Raf Grassetti. The evolution of the traditional design of Spider-Man with elegant and practical spider motives. The antennae on the mask emphasize its secrecy.

25th century costume – developed by Anthony Francisco. Ultramodern design with a helmet in the form of fish and many light indicators. Bulky, but stylish boots and elegant design.

ENC0DED costume – designed by Chris Anka. Brings to the wardrobe of Miles Morales notes of Cyberpan. Abstract details with references to popular phrases from the Spider-Man Universe.

Biomechanical costume – designed by Gerad Maranz. The fusion of organic and mechanical, inspired by popular designs of creatures from anime. Alien" Style in materials and topics.

Red costume of spectrum – designed by Suini Bu. Emphasizes the young and adventurous character of Miles Morales. Combines elements of a heroic spider-man and stylish fashion.

Tokusatsu costume – developed by Julia Blattman. Inspired by the world of insects and Japanese militants, known under the common term – tokusatsu. The iconic for Miles Morales is red-black color palette.

AGIMAT costume developed by Anthony Francisco. Inspired by the indigenous tribes of the Philippines. Merry and colorful design with a touch of royal style in a purple-gold color palette.

Another highlight of the Marvel’s Spider -Man 2 game, which caused delight on the Internet, is the speed of transition and use of functions such as quick movement and change of heroes in the gameplay.