The release of the Cute Simulator of the Everdream Valley farm will be held at the end of May

Mooneaters, Untold Tales and Varsav Game Studios announced the release date of their cozy paradise adventure on the Everdream Valley animal farm. The game will first be released on PC, PS4 and PS5 on May 30, 2023, and the version for Nintendo Switch will be released somewhere in June 2023.

Everdream Valley is an extensive farm adventure with a shade of magic. In the afternoon, you will restore your special corner of the valley – to grow various cultures, care for many animals and help restore the farm grandmother and grandfathers. At night, magical dreams allow you to embody various agricultural creatures to perform special tasks.

This little manor requires a lot of attention. A huge variety of fruits and vegetables for growing and an extensive collection of animals for growing. Protect your crops, please your animals and collect resources for the repair and expansion of the farm.

There are very few people in the Everdrim Valley, so animals flourish here. Pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, goats, alpaki … You can continue the list. Each creature (wild and homemade) has a unique effect on your farm. Everdream Valley is a concern for animals, so be sure that you will never turn your beloved Bessi cow into a hamburger cutlet.

There will always be your faithful dog-companion next to you. Choose from 13 different breeds and train your best friend to help in things such as livestock, tracking, treasure search and much more. There is a cat. Conquer him, and perhaps he will also do something for you in return. May be.

At night, the magic of the valley manifests itself, and your dreams allow you to become one of many animals on the farm with the help of unique mini-games. Everyone has their own special reward or influence on your farm the next day.

Your summer days in the Valley is not only caring for the farm. So much more needs to be done. Spend nights on the campaign, build a house on a tree, catch and collect beetles, go fishing, get new clothes, prepare, take pictures, build furniture, go in search of treasures. Each adventure gives you something in return to help you develop your farm even more.