The rarest objects of Diablo 4 are real, and one of them has already been found

The rarest objects in Diablo 4 are real, and one such drop was confirmed by Blizzard. Since the launch of the game, players seeking to improve their builds have become more and more convinced that the coat of arms of Harlequin, or Shako, and the sword of The Grandfather, perhaps have not yet appeared in the game, because they seemed too difficult. However, they exist, and now one player managed to knock out one of them.

The coat of arms of Harlequin was perhaps the best unique object of Diablo 4 since it was first presented before launching the game. A helmet that players sometimes call "Shako" (in honor of the analogue of this item in Diablo 2), gives a large bonus to reduce damage, but, more importantly, it also gives four additional ranks to all your skills, which gives an amazing increase in strength regardless of your build.

Along with it, there is The Grandfather, a unique two-handed sword that promises to be indispensable for creating the best Bild Varvara thanks to a huge 60-100%increase in damage from a critical blow and the possibility for other properties to rise above their usually acceptable values. Despite the fact that many players overcome the maximum level of Diablo 4, this pair was completely absent, which made some think about whether they were in the game.

Now we have confirmation. "They are in the game", – reports the host designer of classes Diablo 4 Adam Jackson, – "They are designed to be so rare".

And the subject was already finding. A low -quality photo of a druid, wearing a coat of arms of Harlequin, made by a Korean player (who would doubt it) appeared on the network. And Blizzard intervened in disputes about the reality of this subject, saying:.

"Yes, they fall out in the game", – Diablo’s community manager Adam Fletcher said in response to the question about the legitimacy of the image. "Oh, and I can confirm that he really has a coat of arms of Harlequin". Fletcher even got to the point that he quoted the image on Twitter with an animated GIF that says: "I’m not jealous at all".

However, this news raises the question: is it a pure accident, or are there certain conditions that must be fulfilled to get these unique things? Are they specific for a certain part of Endheim? Do I need to go through the nightmares of level 100, farm the tree of the whisper or defeat the main boss of the game? So far, Blizzard is holding his tongue.