The authors of the System Shock remake shared the image of Shodan, created with the help of AI, thereby undermining the scammers of fans

The use of artificial intelligence in video games is constantly becoming a very controversial topic, although most people familiar with the industry are opposed to this. Not only does this potentially deprive the work of low -paid artists, but this practice is regularly accused of theft, since the images that create AI are based on existing works. In the worst case, this can be regarded as frank plagiarism.

That is why, when the official System Shock remount published a tweet that shows the art created by a neural network depicting the interpretation of the chief antagonist Shodan, the reaction was in the vast majority of cases of negative.

Look at yourself, hacker: a miserable creature of meat and bones. Your body, weak, fragile.
How can you challenge a perfect car?
Imagine how my immortal body would look like?
Created by an immortal machine for an immortal machine.

In hundreds of answers and tweets, fans express their dissatisfaction, many of which either declare that they are no longer interested in buying a game when it comes out, or call on the Nightdive Studios developer to start real artists. Definitely, this is not the answer that Nightdive was counting on.

Now, after publishing on Twitter what caused universal contempt, it can be assumed that Nightdive will backward and assure the fans that will not use the AI ​​in the future. However, you are mistaken because Nightdive not only tried to protect the use of AI, but also explained that in the future it would be used more AI. The company is even threatening "use and in other areas", but claims that AI will never be used "to the detriment of the use of qualified people or their creative talents". The reaction of the fans turned out to be as negative as it should be expected.

"I begin to seriously regret my pre -order", – The user writes, repeating the opinion of hundreds of other fans in answers to tweet, who are still desperately trying to convey to Nightdive that they do not want AI to be used in the game. Many also note the irony that a game such as System Shock (in the center of which is located evil AI) uses AI in development and for its advertising. It just does not look very good for the game that is financed by crowdfunding and has already experienced difficult times in development.