The announcement of Arpg Pathfinder took place: ABOMINATION Vaults

The next Pathfinder video game will be an adaptation of one of the most popular desktop adventures. At the weekend, BKOM Studios and Paizo confirmed that BKOM is working on a video game adaptation of the ABOMINATIONTION VAULT originally published in 2019. There are few details about the game, but BKOM confirmed that this "Hack-And-Slash ARPG" with the participation of classes ranger, wizard, barbarian and cleric. The game will also support up to four players.

One of the main issues related to the announcement is how many of the Pathfinder 2E will be included in the game – the mega -podzerly is ideal for playing style "Hack and Slash", But the real power of Pathfinder 2e is almost the boundless possibilities of creating characters. If the new ABOMINATION Vaults game does not reflect the strengths of Pathfinder 2E, this can lead to some disappointment among fans.

Diabloid according to the patio, and with 4 classes in total? It looks somehow doubtful, it would be better to continue party games.

4 At first, then in the DLC there will still be or not, but you can earn a lot of money on this. I am struck by the fact that on animations and effects it looks like a real karent-gen or even a non-gen diablo-clone, and given what Diablo 4 comes out, this Pathfinder looks like Diablo 5 looks like

What? What D5 … graphics even next to D4 did not lie judging by the video.

Pathfinder developers seem to be "English", But at the same time, in their games there is no English voice acting.

when these are Cypriots of the English Federation?

Well, when I dared something against "Mansfish" say, who are also Cyro-English developers, my comments immediately threw diesel. What "Mansfish", what these "OWLCAT Games" They themselves cannot decide who they are. Who prevents the authorities in UK with the same business conditions as in Cyprus, so that English developers are not sitting there, but in UK and their games are not guided by the Western audience, but first of all to the English market? It cannot be such that American developers make their games and they would not have English in the game, and developers from Japan would share games in which there would be no Japanese language.

Pathfinder setting was generally created by Paizo Publishing, which is American, not Owlcat Games.They (Owlcat Games) created only a video game on setting.

Well, in Cyprus it is simply registered. And this is widespread practice to register business in countries where there are fewer taxes, and a studio where there is more free and sufficiently qualified labor. I don’t know about Mundfish, but Owlcat has for the most part the English -speaking staff of workers, especially the scriptwriters, which makes them more international. Yes, and the original holster is in littlePopular with us, and the voice acting in such a game is obviously not cheap and not primarily, and therefore saved. But the Japanese market is large and has long formed a large number of developers who work more on the domestic market. But there are international companies like Sony or Konami (but they are not comparable with conditional OWLCAT). It’s just that in Japan video games are more popular and exist longer, this is the amount of original creativity that is made primarily for the domestic market and few people are interested in it.

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