Baldur’s Gate 3 fans want more detailed information about the development of classes in the game

Baldur’s Gate 3 liked most users, giving us an exciting world that can be explored, and a character that can be configured at their discretion. But there is one thing that many would like to see in the future patch or update – these are more intra -game details associated with the development of the class when creating a character.

It is currently impossible to find out what abilities or spells a character can get at subsequent levels, if only you do not specifically look for information about the class or race outside the game. Given that Baldur’s Gate 3 is a role -playing game, the need to constantly leave the game when creating a character to see at what level he learned a particular spell, the players do not really like it. Not everyone has the patience to climb the wiki pages when you just want to play the game.

This problem is especially evident when visiting the Sabreddite of the game: one of the posts dedicated to this topic is gaining more and more popularity. For the first time, this topic was raised to Reddit by the IGNIZ13 user, which complained about how inconvenient to leave the game and look for what spells each class study after the first level. The post per day has already scored more than 3k likes, and hundreds of other players agreed with his opinion.

Some players even offer Larian Studios to add a certain in -game encyclopedia to the game, as other games of the same genre, for example, Pathfinder from OWLCAT. Someone even offers to integrate a copy in the game "The player’s reference book", which could be addressed because the game was created in the Dungeons universe & Dragons.

In any case, players clearly need some kind of in-game resource, which they could turn to if necessary, not to mention newcomers who may not be familiar with how the level of increasing level in Dungeons actually works & Dragons. As Nimewit put it, knowing nothing about D&D, and being covered with 8 various specializations that can be obtained after reaching the second level, without explanation and details, which is probably enough for anyone to get acquainted with this series for the first time, a panic attack has begun.