Forza Motorsport developers reported a lot of details in the last video

Recently, a new annual Forza was held for August 2023, which brought with it a large number of information about Forza Motorsport, a new chapter of the racing series, which will be released on October 10, 2023 at the PC and Xbox Series X | S with many new functions, as well as with some disadvantages such as a divided screen when starting.

The video, like all Forza Monthly, is very long and contains a large amount of information, mainly focused on interviews with Turn 10 developers, which explain new functions in Forza Motorsport, but it is also possible to see some fragments of the real gameplay, including the first appearance of rain in game.

The new functions are numerous and concern different aspects, but, in particular, the multi -user regime with the “Elected Multipoling Regime” function was taken into account, which allows you to take part in certain races in this gaming mode.

At the same time, you can participate in competitive races and full racing weekend, including free practice and qualifications, up to the very race with a complete racing strategy.

Among the racing capabilities there is a SPEC series that allows you to participate in races even between very different cars, provided that they are somehow comparable, and a classic open series based on different classes of cars, which is a tradition of a series.

The video also presents the functions associated with boxes, and various other elements that are more internal for simulation, such as applying the Rules to the race and the behavior of cars controlled by artificial intelligence. The latter also received significant improvements from the use of machine learning, which we also saw in the previous video.

There are also new functions regarding the assessment of the driving style, with the rating of competitive driving and the rating of “safety” of driving, which rewards the cleanest way to drive a car during racing.

These and many other innovations are investigated in Forza Monthly, but among the improvements there are some shortcomings when starting: there will actually will not be the observer mode, artificial intelligence race in FeatUred Multiplayer mode (which is still tuned to multiplayer with other players) and a divided screen). These are quite minor disadvantages, which, however, should be corrected later.