Microsoft Store has published a description of the non -anneized DLC for Age of Empires 2

The Nonancated DLC page for Age of Empires 2 appeared in the Microsoft Store store, but was quickly removed. They shared this in the AOE community in Reddit, but the topic was also removed shortly after the publication. Fortunately, from the comments it was possible to collect almost all the information. DLC Mountain Royals will cost 14.99 dollars. and includes two new civilizations and three new campaigns.

The release date was not indicated, but, apparently, this will happen soon. There are three new campaigns in the game: "Amar Ascension", "Toros is great" And "Ismail".

  • Amar Ascension: Tamar, the first queen of Georgia, ascends to the throne after imprisonment. She has big plans, but she quickly understands that it is not so easy to master the power.
  • Toros the Great: The Prince of Civil Armenia Toros begins a dangerous campaign to liberate his homeland from the Byzantines and Turks-Seldzhiks.
  • Ismail: The orphaned Wunderkind Ismail leads the Order of the Sephevids in Persia’s war -covered warfare. He hopes to lay the foundations of the Great Empire.

Here is a description of the new Armenian faction in Microsoft Store before it is removed:

Set the Igestic domination and restore the kingdom of your ancestors in the mountainous areas near Lakes Van, Sevan and Urmia. Unique Armenian units are a composite archer – a skilled archer who can break even the strongest armor, and the priest -warrior is the infantryman who can fight and treat allies.

Below is a description of the new Georgian fraction in Microsoft Store before it is removed:

Create a strong kingdom in the shadow of the Caucasian mountains and use a crossed area in your interests, reflecting countless invasions of foreigners. Unique Georgian Unit – Monaspa, hardy cavalry, the strength of which increases with an increase in the number."

This is all that we have at the moment, but judging by the description, this will be another excellent classical campaign for the most beloved part in the Age of Empire series.