Core Decay immersion retro-player in the style of Deus Ex received a new gameplay trailer

3D Realms Publishing House and Slipgate IronWorks developer has released a new trailer for the first-person Core Decay immersive retro-player as part of the Realms Deep 2023 project.

Core Decay you have to explore huge objects on dying land and reveal the sinister plan to preserve humanity at all costs – even if it means rethinking what makes us alive. You are an anomaly. Waking up in a refrigerator and almost nothing about your past, you find that you are much smaller than human than you remember, and much more machine. Having strange, but powerful abilities, you must come to terms with your new "I" and understand what it means to be alive. Explore levels, defeat enemies and gain experience, improving yourself with more than 100 cybernetic implants.

In the yard 2089. Over the past decades, the availability of natural resources has decreased so much that society has declined. The states are ruled by corporations, and the planet stands on the verge of an environmental collapse, as a result of which there will be nothing living. On the last out of the mankind of mankind, there is a shadow network of conspirators who seek to save the human race by any means – even if for this you have to sacrifice everything that means to be alive.

  • Go through the trail of a mysterious organization through dying land in an atmospheric single -user adventure, including 11 locations for research.
  • Exploring huge objects, you will see that the battle is not the only way to success. It may seem to you that it is often better not to enter the battle at all, but to look for creative solutions to achieve your goals.
  • Explore alternative routes, hack computers and security systems, find lost magazines, codes and passwords, use all the tools available at your disposal to achieve your goals.

Core Decay is in PC development (Steam). The release date has not yet been announced.