The art director of Silent Hill 3 praised fans for noticed terrible details hiding for 20 years

While the Silent Hill 2 remake has not yet been released from Bloober Team, there are many people who still play and replay the old games of the series with pleasure. It is enough to see that more than 20 years after the release of Silent Hill 3, one of the most crazy secrets of the game was finally disclosed.

In the message published last Saturday on Twitter, the Silent Hill Fact Hub account told fans of the horror franchise from Konami about the unprecedented opening: the hose connected to the bath, with which the transition between worlds in the center of Hillrtopa is not the most pleasant origin.

As shown in the video, for this it is enough to follow the prompts left by the developers to discover after two decades that the bath found in the Silent Hill 3 game is associated with a corpse covered with scabs that lies in the doorway of the same room. Worse than that? The shower room also uses the same "impromptu water tank".

But the most interesting thing in this story is that Twit attracted the attention of Masahiro, the artist Silent Hill 3 and the creator of the main villain of the franchise – a pyramid -headed. In a response message, the art director thanked the community for finally noticing a connection with sinister plumbing.

I built a room. Finally someone drew attention to these bloodied hoses. This game has even more unknown details. 20 years have passed. I completely forgot about bloody hoses".

This clearly shows how each part Silent Hill is being worked out in detail. It remains only to guess how carefully the worlds of future releases will be worked out, as he did in classical games. However, he works on a remake with Bloober Team, so we will see.

On the eve of Halloween, fans around the world will hold an ear of Vostosta so as not to miss any events related to the triumphal return of the legendary horror series from Konami.